Sweat Lodge Training
Mentoring in all aspects of construction and facilitation (in person or with ‘Zoom’)

“… I am very grateful to Claudio and would recommend this training to anyone who is seeking to offer this beautiful ceremony to their community.”   Sam Marra, Perth, WA – June, 2021

The training


I have more than two decades experience in facilitating sweat lodge ceremonies and ten years of training others in all aspects of sweat lodge facilitation, including sourcing of materials, construction of the lodge, preparation of the sacred fire, and all the rituals associated with this shamanic ceremony.


If you have a passion for the sweat lodge and are interested in becoming a facilitator versed in every aspect of the ceremony, this training and mentoring is for you.


After ten years of running intense five day training workshops I now offer myself as a consultant.  I have successfully mentored aspirants both in person and through Zoom sessions.

Preparing the site

Initially you may need to run a lodge just for yourself until you learn the basics of facilitation and heat management.  The next step would be to offer the experience to friends and family in exchange for feedback.  Eventually you will know when the time has come to open your doors to the public.

Bending the saplings

What the mentoring includes


  • Sourcing the Stone People
  • Harvesting saplings for the structure
  • Choosing your site and preparing the ground
  • Constructing the lodge
  • Building the Sacred Fire
  • Gathering your tools and sacred objects
  • Learning pre-lodge rituals
  • Opening Sacred Space
  • Managing the heat throughout the ceremony
  • Guiding and supporting your participants
  • Leading the Chants
  • Navigating the four stages
  • Learning post-lodge rituals
  • Completing the ceremony
Lighting the fire
The skeleton frame

This training and mentoring journey will provide you with an essential and invaluable foundation upon which to base your growth as a sweat lodge facilitator.


“After having sat in Sweat Lodge for a number of years I had recently felt the time was right to begin offering them myself.  Whilst I felt relatively ready I sought out Claudio with the idea to further my knowledge and prepare myself as much as possible.  I am very glad to have made this connection as the teachings I have received through him have enriched my previous knowledge and clarified many aspects of how to run a safe, genuine and well structured Sweat. The lack of hands on teaching did not detract from the experience and interacting with Claudio during the process was a pleasure.  I have since felt welcome to reach out to Claudio with any queries and to share my experiences.  I am very grateful to Claudio and would recommend this training to anyone who is seeking to offer this beautiful ceremony to their community.”

Sam Marra, Perth, WA – June, 2021

The finished product (the floor has been dug out to the depth of a foot, hence the squat appearance)

What you’ll receive


  • Focussed one-on-one mentoring
  • Chants of the Inipi – professionally mastered mp3 files of the sweat lodge chants
  • Sweat Lodge Facilitator Manual (eBook) – covers in great detail everything discussed during the mentoring
  • Email follow-up to answer questions that may arise



AUD$300 per 2 hour session.

The duration of the overall mentoring will vary depending on your level of previous experience and expertise, but usually 2 x 2 hour sessions are adequate to cover all the aspects of building and facilitating a sweat lodge.  Usually there is a substantial time gap between the first and the second sessions to enable you to implement your mentoring and constructing the actual lodge. Further mentoring sessions to iron out issues and stumbling blocks are also available upon request.