Discovering Gratitude

Gratitude is here
always here
a deep lake within
clear and pristine
shining sweetness
flooding the senses
in response
to the recognition
of the blessing of the moment
of the beauty that is present
loving every sound
treasuring every sensation
steeping in every feeling
basking in the warmth and
breathing in the deliciousness
of the life that surrounds me

No bad, no good
no resistance, no reluctance
only the enjoyment of all that is present
reveals to me my endless gratitude
and I am full and contented

Gratitude is not a feeling that one must develop or strive for. It is part of our very nature. It arises naturally when appreciation is present, when love is present, when acceptance is present, when joy is present.

It is here, always – awaiting liberation – triggered up by your connection to this present moment. For it is here in this moment that you awaken to all else that is also here, and in this awakening, there is realization, wonder and delight.

All that one was struggling with – and longing for – was always already here, awaiting discovery.  Now, in this moment of seeing, gratitude naturally arises and floods the senses with its sweetness.

                                  Posted 30th September 2017 by Sa Silvano

  • Jeanne Lorraine
    Posted at 10:10h, 01 October

    Love the wisdom and depth of your posts. Thank you dear Sa Love and blessings Jeanne ?

  • Sonja Laurence
    Posted at 19:15h, 01 October

    Ah! “The attitude of gratitude”….love your sentiment Sa
    bless you Sonja