Duality is when you forget yourSelf

Living in duality is when you have forgotten who you are and you live in the world as a projection or as a person lost and on a journey to finding yourSelf.

There is the you that you think you are, which is the projection of all that you conceive yourself to be and there is You as you truly are. Here it is, the duality. There is only one but living as though there are two.

Each time you act as the projection of your thoughts and opinions in relationship to your conditioning you are in the personality. This is the created illusion that you believe yourself to be.

It is this projection that operates in a world of similar projections, and it is this world that many spiritual teachers refer to as the great illusion or maya.

The illusion sees the illusion, and believes in it. If it did not, then it could no longer sustain itself. So to the illusion, all the other illusions are real. This that we subscribe to is not what we are and yet we still continue to invest in it.

That which we believe we are also believes in the ever, and the never and speaks in these terms. I will love you forever. I would never do that.

The illusion is a mind-body construct, existing in the realm of time, and all ideas of forever and never are perceived from within the limitations of time. So forever is just a notion that might mean for all the days of my life. It is a finite definition.

The infinite and eternal nature of your true being is not a concept but can easily be experienced. It is the experience of yourSelf.

We are in duality each time we indulge in and chase after the one we believe ourselves to be. We are in non-duality when we come simply to rest in that which is already here, the experience of our true Self, the effortless being that is ever present.

This simple resting in the “isness” of yourSelf will liberate you from the delusions you have been conditioned to uphold.

It is not a difficult thing, to be ourselves. What is challenging and full of effort and wasted energy is the maintenance of our non-real selves. Keeping the story of “us” alive uses up much of the precious resource that is life itself.

As a result, life is cheated out of the creative expression of its natural self.

If to be yourself is a hard and effortful process, then you must be trying to be something that is other than you.

Come with me now and drop all the effort, let go of the trying and set aside any ideas you have about what you should feel or do, and relax. Take a deep breath and put it all away for now. Let yourself, for just this moment, be as you are. There is nothing for you to do. Just breathe and enjoy the experience of breathing. Now let go of that too, for your body will continue to breathe well enough by itself. It does not need your attention to continue breathing.

Great! Now, if you are aware of anything that is happening around you, let it all be. Pay no particular attention to any of it. Let it fade from your awareness and bring yourself to experience the awareness itself. That impartial witness that is simply observing without opinion or effort.

Experience this awareness as it is – the awareness that is present. Nothing else. Everything that is coming and going, all those sounds and sensations, thoughts and feelings, they do not matter. That is all just temporary movements arising in the awareness that is present.

Experience this non-phenomenal state of being. This simple, silent, empty, still, effortless being. Rest in this as this.

There is no duality here. No right or wrong, black or white, no good or bad, no extremes at all. Look in the awareness of you to experience what I am pointing to. All there is, is a deep abiding stillness, an infinite silence, an eternal and harmonious presence.

Rest in this. Rest as this. This is You.

                                                                Posted 19th January 2018 by Sa Silvano


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