grounded in the heart of you

Everything is energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Some things affect us pleasantly, whilst others disturb us.

Take music for example, that too is energy in motion resonating within us in different ways. One piece can bring us to tears but another may trigger up agitation and even fear.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we continuously affect and are being impacted by the sounds and the smells in our environment, by the movement of the world around us, by all that we share the moment with, including our own and others thoughts and feelings.

Life is a mirror reflecting for us the choreography of all that fills us in each moment. Energies intermingling in harmonious and disharmonious ways, in perpetual motion, ever changing.

Each of us is a part of the dance of life and sometimes the dance brings great joy. In those moments we (as energy) vibrate and resonate in complete attunement with ourselves and everything else in our environment – people, sounds, movement – everything.

If we wish to live with equanimity in our ever changing world, we must learn to centre in our own hearts. The silent stillness that is our fundamental nature and the core of our being, is the only place where we can experience peace regardless of the chaos surrounding us.

Once we establish being grounded in our own hearts, we become unafraid of the changing energies that life presents. We turn towards and face each new experience knowing that each is a gift revealing to us any energies from the past that we continue to harbor within, that still limit or disturb us. We can now fearlessly face and be with whatever comes up, lovingly breathing into each knot until these energies are liberated, allowing the experience of a greater more lasting peace.

Gradually, we begin to embrace life more and more, regardless of what life brings. We trust in the power within to meet each moment courageously, and our faith is strengthened by our own growing ability to handle every experience with Grace.

One way to do this is the simple practice of breathing into our hearts.

Take a deep long slow breath into your heart centre.
Acknowledge this breath that brings life and is the blessing of life. Exhale.
Take another slow steady breath in and pause for a moment as you make life welcome deep within you.
Then exhale, being willing to let go of any holding on, any tightness or contraction, any heaviness, wherever it may be stored in your body or in your luminous energy field.
Pause to allow a moment of emptiness.

Now take the next breath deep into the centre of your chest, filling up with life, with light.
Then breathe out through the back of your heart centre, where it sits at the spine.

Continue to breathe in this way into the front of your heart centre, and pause; then out of the back of your heart centre, and pause again.

Do this for at least five minutes, keeping your awareness both on your breath and on your heart centre. If thoughts arise, let them be and bring your attention back to your breath and to your heart centre. Fall into this rhythm, allow the experience.

As we clear the old stale heavy energies that may be stored deep in your heart and replenish with fresh life-giving energies, our hearts begin to expand and fill with light, activating the love and joy of our true nature.

As we clear and strengthen our heart centre, all the other centres above and below also begin to clear, rebalance and come into alignment with our heart.

The stronger our heart centre, the more powerful our ability to meet, embrace and create with life, and as life.

This breath of life, is the gift of life that offers us the power of life to restore, replenish and rejuvenate.


Everything is energy and we can breathe in the vibration of anything that we need or want.
For example, the sky offers us the vibration of vast spaciousness which we can make our own through our breath.
Likewise, water offers us the vibration of cleansing and flow.
Earth offers us the vibration of groundedness and deep connectedness to all life.
The sun offers us the vibration of light and warmth.
The breeze offers us the vibration of free unharnessed movement.
A baby offers us the vibration of purity.
Each colour offers its own particular frequency.

So breathe in the sky, the ocean, a beautiful place in nature that you love, the light of the sun for inspiration and warmth, the laughter of a child for lightheartedness, the green of nature for healing…

Breathe in all that is beautiful, natural and life giving that you perceive as being outside of you. This will deepen your connection to your own vast, beautiful, flowing, free, spacious and true inner nature.

Posted by Sa Silvano on 8th September 2018

  • Shelley Spicer
    Posted at 09:46h, 09 September

    Thank you Sa?
    Another “Inspiration” for us all to breath in.☺️

  • Judith Clarke
    Posted at 08:34h, 11 September

    Love it, very practical and necessary. xx