Healing with Sa


Healing is about a restoration to wholeness. Each of us has a personal story. The story we were born into, inherited from our ancestors and our parents, and the story we continued to maintain and develop as we grew from children to adults. Some of these inherited stories are full of trauma and dysfunctional patterns of living and as children we become conditioned to a life of pain and suffering, believing that this is life and this is the way it is.


However, this is not so. Life is not here to be suffered but loved. Life is to be lived with enthusiasm and joy. It is to be experienced as a creative adventure shared with so many other varied and beautiful expressions of life.


Life can be a wondrous journey of discovery and an awakening to who you truly are and always have been.


So who are you?

You are an eternal being of love. You are unlimited potential. You are the presence of infinite peace. You are a creator being with the power to manifest beauty and harmony where ever you are in the world and you are here to awaken to this.


I will help you to see your own unique beauty and the wondrous gifts you have come to share. You will see the truth of who you are, discover your own intrinsic worth and experience your interconnectedness with all life.


I want you to know that beyond all your perceived brokenness, beyond the stories you were born into, conditioned with and maintained by you – because you did not know any different – there is a wholeness, a completeness that needs no fixing.

This is the wholeness that you have always been, that you are, and that you always will be.


So come and let us spend awhile together. I will assist you to awaken to who you truly are.

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When you come we will sit for a little while together, so we can unravel some of the stories that are interfering with the natural flow of your life.


We will together identify any repetitive patterns that disempower you from creating the life you wish to live.


The main function of the “healer” is to hold a space of love, acceptance and deep listening, to support and bring clarity, and to facilitate the movement and release of energies being held that interfere with the natural flow of life.


The healing sessions I offer are very much a combination of being in an expanded state of present moment awareness, and using energy medicine, shamanic healing, and non-dualistic principles to bring about transcendence.


These are some of the issues, stories and patterns that I have worked successfully with:

  • Dysfunctional relationships whether they be familial, partnership or workplace
  • Overcoming depression
  • Freeing up from anxiety
  • Letting go of fear
  • Bringing clarity to mental dilemmas or confusions
  • Liberating limiting patterns
  • Working with the underlying causes of addictions so they can be released
  • Releasing attachments to people, experiences and places so there can be forward movement
  • Ancestral healing
  • Restoring emotional equanimity
  • Regaining self-confidence
  • Clarifying life direction
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Living in an empowered and liberated way
  • Opening to love, to joy, to peace

In the spaciousness of love, things naturally begin to flow and whilst some old energies release completely, other energies can begin to flow in harmony with life resulting in a state of lightness, strength, balance, peace and clarity.



I offer ongoing support over the two weeks following a session. This is to ensure that you are integrating the energies gently, to help you maintain your strength and balance and offer further clarification if you require it. All you need do is text or email me.


If after your initial session, you decide that you would like to work with me at deeper levels towards your awakening and liberation, we can schedule future healing sessions or even half or full day mentoring sessions. I am here as a support and as a mentor on your journey of unfolding and awakening.


Just wanted to say thank you again for the healing and for really taking the time to be with what was moving through me with such presence and nurture.

Felt really safe with you to let go and release it and be with it. I’m really grateful for the experience.

I feel that your gift must be shared on a larger scale, I really hope it grows and more people can receive your gifts.



I am feeling more at peace with the world and feeling more present and grateful.

The great thing about the sessions is that the effects are long-lasting.

Deb Healy


After my first healing with Sa, my heart opened to the truth … I was the cause of my own suffering.

With surgical precision she cut to the core of my issues and taught me to accept that everything is as it is and as it should be right now and to release my attachments to outcomes I was trying to engineer.

Tez Meloncelli


I noticed changes straight away.

I feel “lighter” in a way and definitely less “stuck”.

I wasn’t expecting it but my blood pressure appears to have dropped!


I have received so many gifts.

I am truly loving myself again.

The session was filled with love, compassion and so much respect!

I see my life and the world through different eyes.
Isabel Pease-Burge (Natural Touch)


After our session I felt much less anxious and find myself being less and less anxious every day.

It feels like a big shadow has left my shoulders.

I feel lighter and more joyful.


The healing has dramatically changed my life.

I am waking up feeling whole and completely joyous for the first time in my life.

I am more loving and connecting with all on a deeper level.


The healing was very deep. Sa is both insightful and clear as well as respectful.

The space she creates is wonderful, the safety, trust and non-judgment I felt were fantastic.
Dipaunka Macrides


Sa’s ability to be fully present, to actively listen and encourage gently are unique gifts.

She has helped me to move forward spiritually in my life and to be able to love more fully and deeply.
Lynn Webber


Session Info


Healing sessions with Sa last for approximately 2 hours. The fee is $150. Concession price for those in need is $125 (please mention your need for a concession when you are booking in for a session)

Phone consultations are also offered. The fee is $50 for half an hour or $100 for an hour.

Please abstain from alcohol and drugs (be sure to let Sa know if you’re on any prescription medication).

It is recommended to allow some quiet, relaxing time after a session to facilitate integration.




Please call Sa on

0422 746 269

or email her at

[email protected]

to book your session