i am your breath

I am your breath
I am the drumbeat of your heart
pulsing the rhythm of love
through the cells of your body

When your mind is screaming in fear
I am the quiet voice
that speaks from the unfathomable depths of you
I shape the silence within
to reassure you that all is well

do you hear me, do you feel me

I was here before your first conscious thought
which was never yours
but only something
plucked from another’s fears
that made you believe you were not enough

so you set out to prove yourself
to who?
to you?
that you exist?
that you are you?
that it is okay to be you?

But what is this you that you think you are?

The sum of all the sounds you ever heard?
The merging of all the feelings you ever felt?
The result of all the experiences you ever had?

No my love. You are so much more.

You were here before your very first thought
you are beyond your most profound understandings
before the birth of the stars, you already were
beyond the death of your body you continue to be

You want to know who you are?

look and see

everything your eyes rest upon is showing you to you
the smile that sparkles in the eyes of a child
those tears caught in the crevices of that old ones face
the anger and pain that keeps loved ones apart
a poem of sweetness that melts the heart
that song of love that unchains your longing
those great green fields where children play
fresh falling rain through a sun-drenched day
great mountains that stood before time began
a feather that drifted silently across your path

the earth, the sky, the moon, the sun
all exist just to show you who you are
so you can see the immensity of your being
the vast beauty of your infinite existence

the seasons come and go
revealing your ever-changing nature
but always you are here

Know yourself through all that you look upon
be at peace with all that you are
so you can know yourself as one and the same
as all that is

I am your breath
I am the beat of your heart
I am your heart

I am that which looks through your eyes
I am that which you see

I am all that is

I am you

Posted by Sa Silvano on 25th October 2018

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  • Kathryn Bullen
    Posted at 10:33h, 31 October

    A stunning poem Sa, thank you. xx