Kindheartedness – Atawhai

Atawhai pronounced Atafai
is the Maori word for kindness, generosity, kindheartedness, benevolence, to show kindness, to care for


Be kind.
Cultivate kindness. Inner kindness as well as outer kindness.
Be kind in thought, word and action.
Let your thoughts be kind, regardless of whether they are about yourself, another living being, an object, a situation or an experience.
Kindness opens the heart and keeps it open.
Where there is kindness, judgement and condemnation cannot exist.
Kindness connects us to each other. Kindness is inclusive.
When your practice of kindness becomes your natural expression, the fears that once dominated and influenced your life dissolve.
Kindness is the voice of love expressed as thought, word and action.

Be kindhearted. Always.

Posted on 11th May 2020 by Sa Silvano


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