life in the driver’s seat

If we always live from the conditioned self or the programmed mind, we invariably become unhappy, anxious, frustrated or lost. We experience life as problematic – an ongoing struggle that weighs heavy upon our hearts.

The conditioned mind invariably refers to the past and then reacts to what is happening in the present.

If we could simply come and be present with whatever else is present and meet it with fresh eyes and an open heart, our responses would be guided by our true and natural presence and informed by our innate wisdom.

We are life itself. Life knows how to live. It is life that needs to be in the driver’s seat.

When life is no longer hampered by the conditioned mind, flow is restored and joy abounds. Synchronicity becomes a daily and much beloved visitor. Every experience is filled with wonder and met with strength and effortlessness.

Each moment is enriched with the presence of life, and our connection to all other life is deeply felt, embraced and enjoyed.

Life is finally freed up to create, express and experience its glorious and limitless self.

Posted by Sa Silvano on 7th April 2018

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