this aching for something you know not what
this reaching for the stars and falling so short
of your own hard expectations, to meet the censure
of a mind deeply scored by the pain of those who came before

this hunger for peace, so sharp it pierces your heart
and you twist and writhe until you are riven apart
by your own yearning, as the rage that burns viciously through
threatens to destroy your sanity, and so begins the annihilation of you

let yourself burn, let the flames of your self-loathing roar
breathe long and slow into your pain, let your sorrow pour
out of your heart, to wash away every betrayal, every unkindness
that bled you raw and left your faith in tatters, a soul in deep distress

you sought long for the one who would make sense of it all
clarify your purpose, show you how to live, reveal to you your soul
from teacher, to mentor, to guru, one by one they fell away
leaving you starving for love, grieving for home, dying slowly each day

you are exhausted, worn out by the struggle, the fight to live right
this life you have no idea what to do with, a heart shattered by fright

then you finally let go the clutching and a new way is born
you discover that in the letting go life just carries on
like a lazy river rippling gently along, flowing towards a new dawn

breathe slow my love
breathe easy
let it all be
a soft allowing
let yourself float upon the river of life
let it carry you
to where you need to be
to this perfect place and time
let everything fall away
nothing to hold onto
all is well my love
it always was

nothing for you to do
just let life in and let be
for it is your soul who knows
how to live

rest my love
and let the sweetness of life
nurture each moment
inspire each thought
guide each action

and you my love
just feel the love
that floods through your heart
and paints life with its sweetness

that is all you need do
the rest is done for you

Posted by Sa Silvano on 25th August 2018

  • Shelley Spicer
    Posted at 06:59h, 26 August

    Oh so true, Sa. Thank you. Just go with the flow……

  • Karen
    Posted at 07:05h, 26 August

    Beautuful wisdom!

  • Lana Bailey
    Posted at 20:07h, 06 December

    this made my heart feel warm