Karma in every moment

Karma is the law of cause and effect. Every thought is a cause and the outcome of every thought is an effect.

We are the creators of everything we experience in our lives. Everything good and pleasurable as well as everything hard and joyless. The driving force is our thoughts.

Within us is all power. Our inner world contains all our thoughts, all our feelings, all life, all potential, all beauty, all love. Our inner world contains everything.

As a thought arises, it is energised and made potent by the power within and will ultimately take form in the external world. Regardless of whether the thought is positive or negative, the power within us will manifest it. A positive thought will manifest as a creative and beneficial experience, a negative thought will manifest as an inharmonious and destructive experience.

Every thought is made manifest in accordance to the focus and frequency of that particular thought. The greater the focus and frequency, the more quickly and powerfully it is manifested in the external world.

We have the power to control, contain, select and guide our thoughts towards what we truly wish to create and experience in our lives. However, for most of us, our thoughts are like wayward children, uncared for, unwatched, ignored, unaccepted, unloved and allowed to run rampant through each moment.

At times we have conflicting thoughts. We may consciously want something but feel that we either undeserving of it or afraid of attaining it. This creates conflict within us resulting either in an impasse or in manifesting what we don’t want.

Karma is the experience of the effect of our thoughts. Karma is experienced only in the outer objective world, and as a result we attempt to redress and balance our Karma by working it in the outer objective world.

Our inner world is the subjective world and it is our place of power. It is here that we can change the things that we experience in the outer world, and it is here that we can create what we want.

As we change the way we think, so too will our outer world reflect these changes.

Every moment contains the effects of the law of karma. In the moment a thought arises, it begins to take form in the outer world. Cause and effect are immediate and present. We are often conscious of the effect, but we are seldom aware of the cause.

That which arises as a thought is birthed in our inner world.

A build-up of karmic energy is simply the accumulation of residual energies from past experiences that we are still holding onto.

When we understand the law of karma (inner cause and outer effect) and its play upon every event and experience in our personal lives – we will begin to carefully consider every thought we entertain, and we will be able to mindfully direct each thought towards the outcome we desire.

From my forthcoming book “The Power Within”
Posted 15th December 2017 by Sa Silvano


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