One is all there is

Reborn I Am
from every thought i was
from the idea that I was
separated from you
my beloved brother
my sweet sister
i saw you as strangers
before I saw you as family
now I see you as one
with me
I call you brother sister
but we are as one

Oh the relief that all these thoughts
that I believed to be me
were no more than an ephemeral wisp
of imaginary fog
that still kept me blind for so long

My sight is restored
and I see that the love I hold for you
moves first in me
The pain I feel in you
is first felt here in me
It behoves me to hold out my hand
and open my heart
to your misery, your blindness
For then I can guide you back
to the joy that lives as me, as you

We are one in life
We are one in light
We are one in love
There is no place
where we are not one
For One is all there is

Posted by Sa Silvano on 31st March 2018

  • Chris
    Posted at 13:31h, 01 April

    WOW!!!!! Sooooo DEEP & so TRUE!!!! Thank you Sa my beautiful sister, thank you for sharing your deep wisdom & for being YOU. LOVE, GRATITUDE & BLESSINGS Chris

  • Sonja Laurence
    Posted at 14:20h, 01 April

    “Dancing with the Sound of your Words” Dear Sa, you light up our lives always

  • Linda Hanley
    Posted at 07:38h, 03 April

    So lovely, you’re words are extremely moving and full of truth. Spoken from the heart bless you Sa for your passing on of the wisdom you carry. Much love to you. My sister..