Healing is essentially a return to your innate wholeness, which is your true self.

Your true self is the essence of who you are.


Everything that you don’t like about yourself, that you don’t accept about yourself or would like to change about yourself is actually something that is not you, not who you really are. You know this deep down. It is why you dislike, deny and wish it different. These behaviours, elements and aspects of your expression in the world have somehow taken control of your life and you want to return to the self that you know you are, at the heart of you.


Beyond the hurt that you still carry around, beyond the woundedness passed down through generations and now part of your own conditioning, and beyond the familial, societal and cultural influences you were born into, there exists a completeness, a wholeness that requires no mending. This is the wholeness that you have always been, that you are, and that you always will be.



Redefining Your Identity:

Pure spirit or soul is who you are. I won’t go into the reasons as to why you, as soul, chose to incarnate into the circumstances you find yourself in this life. Suffice it to say that your true self, which is the soul or consciousness that you are, has been concealed even from yourself, by layers of thoughts and beliefs you have accepted as truth about who you are.


You are not the sum of your thoughts or beliefs nor are you the sum of others’ perceptions. That is just an identity or perhaps even identities you have created since you were very young, in order to navigate safely through this world with all its expectations, judgements, woundedness, limitations and fears.


In essence, you are a spiritual or energy being inhabiting a physical form. In and as the purity of your true self, you radiate boundless love, pure consciousness, and unlimited potential. Joy is intrinsic, and kindness and compassion are your natural expressions. You are a being of light and possess the creative power to infuse the world with immense beauty and harmony.


Harmony and Attunement:

Reconnecting with your true self brings about a natural alignment and harmony with the universe and all living beings. Life flows effortlessly, and each moment becomes a precious gem in the tapestry of existence.


Guiding You Towards Freedom and Happiness:

I am here to assist you in liberating yourself from the suffering you have endured for too long.


You can be free of all the self-judgement, guilt, shame, fear, frustration and grief that you have been suffering.


You absolutely can and all it takes is your commitment to yourself and to truth.


Through awareness, intention, and surrender, you can release the heavy emotional energies and imprinted patterns that have held you back, and through acceptance you will naturally realign to your true self.

The Role of the Healer or Therapist:

As a healer or therapist, my role is to create a nurturing space filled with love, acceptance, and deep listening. I am here to guide you towards realizing your full potential and to facilitate the release of heavy energies that obstruct the natural flow of life.


Your Session Journey:

Your session begins with a dialogue about the specific issue causing you distress. This dialogue helps us gain valuable insights and clarity about the core issue that needs addressing. I will intuitively select processes that work best for you, ensuring that by the end of the session, you experience resolution and liberation.


My Diverse Training:

My practice has been enriched by over thirty years of training in various energy medicine modalities, including Reiki, Pranic Healing, EMF Balancing, Attunement, EFT, Theta Healing, MEM, aromatherapy, laughter therapy, and sound healing. I have for many years also explored and practiced mindfulness, meditation and non-dualistic principles. Additionally, I have delved deeply into cross-cultural shamanism, with specific training in Andean Shamanism. This eclectic background forms the foundation of my intuitive and unique approach to healing.


A Path to Peace and Liberation:

My purpose is to guide you toward a place of peace, lightness, and liberation. Drawing from a rich tapestry of techniques, practices, insights, and tools, I will help you navigate your journey to emotional and spiritual well-being.


Empowering Practices:

During our session, you will learn simple yet potent exercises and practices that empower you to maintain balance long after our time together. These tools will enable you to continue growing in strength and creating the life you desire.


Issues and Patterns Addressed:

I have successfully worked with a wide range of issues and patterns, including:


Dysfunctional relationships (family, partnership, workplace)

Overcoming depression

Easing anxiety

Letting go of fear

Resolving mental dilemmas

Liberating limiting patterns and beliefs

Addressing the root causes of addictions

Releasing attachments to people, experiences, and places

Ancestral healing

Restoring emotional equanimity

Regaining self-confidence

Clarifying life direction

Providing spiritual guidance

Living in an empowered and liberated way

Opening to love, joy, and peace


Flowing in Love and Harmony:

In the spaciousness of love, the natural flow of life begins to unfold. As old energies are released and harmony is restored, you will experience a profound sense of lightness, strength, balance, peace, and clarity.



I offer ongoing support over the two weeks following a session. This is to ensure that you are integrating the energies gently, to help you maintain your strength and balance and to offer further clarification if required. All you need do is call, text or email me.


I am here as a support and as a mentor on your journey of unfolding and awakening.

I have written two books, the first is called “Pearls from the Heart” and the second “Presence”.

These books contain words of inspiration, comfort and guidance. They are based on my personal experiences and the experiences of the many clients I have seen over the years.

Some of the subjects I speak on are about love, fear, life, death, courage, ego, anger, grief, guilt, shame, relationships, beliefs, liberation and awakening.

You will find more information and how to purchase them HERE.




Visiting Sa was truly wonderful. I felt safe & welcomed as soon as I arrived at Sa’s house in Nannup.  It felt like visiting an old friend and I was very comfortable in her Presence. She helped me to change my perspective on a lot of things and to get out of my head. I felt incredibly light, warm and full of Love to share after seeing her. She listened attentively and most of all her Presence was something special. Thank you Sa.    Amy – Perth 


Even the most grounded lose balance in navigating our world. I have lived knowing trauma for as long as I can remember. You have guided me to learn and nurture inner peace and love. You are truly an angel Sa, I will be forever grateful.  With love DD


“My zoom session with Sa was very helpful. It felt as though we were in the room together and the guided meditation practice was just as effective as when I have attended in person. I highly recommend it.”   Michelle – Perth


“I had a lovely session via Skype with Sa.  Initially, I was hesitant as I worried if it would “be the same” as a face to face session.  But, at the end of my session I felt calmer, more connected and a great sense of “everything will be Ok!”  It was good to see Sa on Skype and we chatted just as would normally.  After the Skype session the feeling of calmness stayed with me, and I felt quite different, which was lovely. So for anyone thinking about skype, Id say, the benefits to you are the same as face to face, the knowledge download is the same, but you don’t have to leave your bedroom!”   Nina – Perth


I want to say thank you so very much for your love and guidance these past twelve months. I have learned so much about how to BE in the world with more presence and love. Thank you.   CLP


Sa’s presence made me feel peaceful immediately upon our meeting. Her kind and wise words felt like they brought me home to a way of thinking that has always resided within, of love, compassion and unity with nature. My frame of mind has definitely shifted since seeing her and life has been good and my relationships with myself, my partner and family improved. I am so grateful.   Alicia


Over the years I have had many phone sessions with Sa and each time feels like she is in the same room with me. Sa is always intuitive, present, supportive and gently guides me past the story I am seeing, and back into the truth and the fullness of life. I highly recommend a zoom or phone session with Sa.   Karen Lang – Brisbane


Just wanted to say thank you again for the healing and for really taking the time to be with what was moving through me with such presence and nurture. Felt really safe with you to let go and release it and be with it. I’m really grateful for the experience. I feel that your gift must be shared on a larger scale, I really hope it grows and more people can receive your gifts.   Tali


I am feeling more at peace with the world and feeling more present and grateful. The great thing about the sessions is that the effects are long-lasting.   Deb Healy


After my first healing with Sa, my heart opened to the truth … I was the cause of my own suffering. With surgical precision she cut to the core of my issues and taught me to accept that everything is as it is and as it should be right now and to release my attachments to outcomes I was trying to engineer.   Tez Meloncelli


I noticed changes straight away. I feel “lighter” in a way and definitely less “stuck”. I wasn’t expecting it but my blood pressure appears to have dropped!   Linda


I have received so many gifts. I am truly loving myself again. The session was filled with love, compassion and so much respect! I see my life and the world through different eyes.   Isabel Pease-Burge (Natural Touch)


After our session I felt much less anxious and find myself being less and less anxious every day. It feels like a big shadow has left my shoulders. I feel lighter and more joyful.   Annie


The healing has dramatically changed my life. I am waking up feeling whole and completely joyous for the first time in my life. I am more loving and connecting with all on a deeper level.   Catherine


The healing was very deep. Sa is both insightful and clear as well as respectful. The space she creates is wonderful, the safety, trust and non-judgment I felt were fantastic.   Dipaunka Macrides


Sa’s ability to be fully present, to actively listen and encourage gently are unique gifts. She has helped me to move forward spiritually in my life and to be able to love more fully and deeply.   Lynn Webber

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Session Info


Initial Session –  2 hours

Fee: $200

Following that you can choose the duration of your session.

1 hour – $100



WhatsApp video calls or Zoom sessions are also offered.

You can opt for 1/2 hour or hour sessions.

The fee is $50 for 1/2 hour or $100/hour.



Please abstain from alcohol and drugs (be sure to let Sa know if you’re on any prescription medication).

It is recommended to allow some quiet, relaxing time after a session to facilitate integration.