Mace Energy Method


Life is a creative adventure that we share with everything in existence, with all the other varied and beautiful expressions of life. Life is not here to be suffered; life is yours to be loved and enjoyed, to be embraced with enthusiasm and excitement.


Is this how you feel about your life? If it is then I congratulate you and wish you enduring and unlimited happiness, peace, prosperity and the very best of health to enjoy every day of the rest of your life.


If, however, any of the following statements resonate with your experience of life right now, and you wish to restore your life to its optimal expression and its fullest potential, then I encourage you to continue to explore the rest of this page to learn about the Mace Energy Method (MEM).


Are you easily triggered into fear, anger, frustration or impatience?

Do you feel judged, criticised or misunderstood?

Do you often feel fearful, stressed, anxious or depressed?

Do you find it difficult to just be yourself?

Do you change in order to be accepted by others?

Do you often come up against resistance?

Do you experience emotional fluctuations?

Do you feel tired a lot?

Do you often feel helpless, frustrated or despairing?

Do you find yourself repeating the same unwanted patterns of behaviour?

Do you experience relationship difficulties with family members, partners or others?


What I like about the Mace Energy Method


The Mace Energy Method (MEM) is an exquisitely simple yet powerful tool for emotional healing.

It permanently frees you from the emotional effects of unwanted experiences, no matter what they are or when they happened, allowing you to regain control of your own life.


MEM’s effectiveness lies in its ability to eliminate the negative energies we carry, that were created by past upsets, and which continue to haunt and hinder our lives in the present.


Removing the negatives in your life allows your true self to emerge reconnecting and empowering you with your full creative potential.


Imagine being completely free to be yourself. A being of infinite potential creating the life you wish to live.


What makes MEM unique in its field?


MEM is not a psychological procedure, so a client does not need to go through the process of disclosure and analysis about the painful experiences of their lives.


There is no counselling and there are no diagnoses offered by the practitioner.


The basic reason why MEM is free of self-disclosure is because it handles CAUSE and not manifestation, which gives the body of knowledge its name, CAUSISM™.


The very first thing the MEM session does is to locate and eliminate the most negative aspect of a person’s life. Buried in their psyche, out of volitional control, it pervades their entire life, which why it is referred to as their RUIN.


The client can be permanently freed up from a lifetime of suffering a particular emotional trauma in a single session.


The practitioner directs the client’s awareness to their own knowing and wisdom, guiding the client to the realisation that they are an all-knowing spiritual being.


Body problems can also be addressed using the MEM procedure which in turn releases blockages, giving the body a chance to restore health and wellness.


The relationship repair procedure restores harmony and joy to struggling relationships.




Clients experience immediate positive results. They leave a session feeling lighter and happier.


The results are permanent and life enhancing.


The client experiences a greater awareness of self and the world around them.


There is more confidence in the client as they begin to realise their own strengths, their wisdom, their innate gifts and the expansiveness of their true being.


As the past ceases its hold on the present through the dis-creation of negative identities, clients begin to live more authentic and self-empowered lives, creating in alignment with their true being.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Mace Energy Method?

The Mace Energy Method, or MEM, is the practical aspect of Causism Knowledge. It involves a simple series of energy exercises that address the different negative aspects of life. A unique attribute of MEM is that throughout the duration of the session, an individual is not required to divulge anything about his or her life, and are not required to re-live painful experiences.


In what areas of my life can the Mace Energy Method used on?

Any problematic area in a person’s life can be addressed by MEM. From simple stresses to anxieties, clinical depression, addiction, learning disabilities, to the different types of abuses, MEM procedures are in place to help individuals. If an individual is not sure what causes a problem, the Mace Energy Method has special questions to uncover the triggers in that individual’s life.


Is the Mace Energy Method effective?

Yes. A lot of people from all walks of life who have gone through an MEM Therapy Session once or twice have reported a significant improvement on their outlook in life, how they feel about themselves, and how they live their lives. The major feedback is that not having to re-live unpleasant and painful experiences is a relief in itself. You can check their stories in the Mace Energy Method Testimonials page here.


Can you tell me what the MEM therapy session is not?

MEM is not a counselling session where an individual has to go over some painful aspect of his or her life. Causism has found that talking about life problems has no therapeutic effect, and it can actually make an individual feel worse. The Mace Energy Method has found the way around this painful aspect of counselling.


In addition, no advice is ever given during an MEM Therapy Session. It has been found that clients know what to do, very clearly for themselves, after an MEM Therapy Session.


How does an MEM therapy session work?

By quickly finding the actual cause of a personal problem, which is called the trigger, a person is then guided towards dis-creating or eliminating it. In life, individuals are either at the effect of life (not doing well) or winning at life (just being happy and knowing how to stay there).


What do I need to do before an MEM therapy session?

Definitely desist from trying to analyse your own problems. If you could have done that, you would have done it already and you wouldn’t be needing an MEM Therapy Session. As Leslie D. Weatherhead mentions in his book, Psychology & Life, ‘The difficulty of observing your own mental processes is that you cannot see yourself by yourself, for when you look at yourself, you use a bit of yourself to see yourself; so therefore it is not the whole of yourself you see, is it.’


Decide what you would like to change in your life, and on a practical aspect, never go through an MEM session with the need for food or a drink.


What do I need to do during an MEM therapy session?

All you need to do is to be fully attentive as possible and to follow the MEM Practitioner’s directions. In so doing, you will get optimum results.


What do I need to do after an MEM therapy session?

Get on and enjoy feeling the real you; enjoy your life. Here is a quote that sums up what the Mace Energy Method is all about:

“The Mace Energy Method leads you very quickly to your truth about your worldly activities, and truth is where your real power and potential resides.” – John Avery


About The Founder – John Mace


Having begun his life as a mariner, John Mace spent 50 years researching science and philosophy that underpins his method.


He investigated many alternative therapies and modalities and trained as a counsellor, but after 25 years of relying on the writings and research of others, he knew he hadn’t found the answers he sought.


The simplicity of spiritual awareness made John realise that if life itself is simple and uncomplicated, the real ‘cures’ for unhappiness must also be simple and uncomplicated.


His spiritual experiences made it clear to him that the high aesthetic qualities such as happiness, enthusiasm, love and honesty are inherently normal in all sentient beings. After another 20+ years, the Mace Energy Method had evolved and John began training students in 1998.


John Mace was principal of The Head Training Academy in Perth, West Australia, where he also worked as a Mace Energy Method Practitioner / Trainer until his peaceful passing in November 2018.


A bit about my journey


I have spent more than thirty years on my own personal path of healing, self-discovery and awakening. I have explored, learned and even taught some of the spiritual practices and modalities that have assisted me to come to an easier place within myself.


Some of these include meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, Reiki, Pranic healing, Theta healing, Sound healing, Crystal healing, Bush flower essences, Attunement, Ascension, Shamanism, and an abiding interest in non-dualistic principles.


Life for me has been an ongoing and often challenging journey, but always leading to greater awareness of self through change and revelation, transformation and transcendence, expansion and liberation.


Some years ago, I experienced a radical shift in my psyche that resulted in a deep and ecstatic experience of myself as consciousness, as the unlimited eternal being that I am and always was.


From that moment on I have found it easy to drop into that state of transcendent awareness whenever I needed to. The awareness of who I am became a constant. I began to live with a greater capacity for love, joy, acceptance, compassion and peace. I experienced more clarity and heightened self-awareness.


The moment I would notice an arising or triggering up of past unresolved emotions, I would immediately bring myself into present moment awareness, and doing this always restored me to peace and equanimity. My experience showed me that the more present I was to whatever else was present, including any uncomfortable emotions that had arisen, the lighter I became. There was definitely a release happening and I realised that when we are truly present and accepting, we create a state of non-resistance and our energies begin to flow naturally and effortlessly. This allows for anything that does not align with the truth of who we are to be released, leaving us lighter and freer and therefore happier than we were before.  And so I believed that I was free from the past because I had the key to release its negative influences and lift myself out of suffering.


However, what I did not realise at the time was that there was a lot more from my past buried deep in my psyche, and these old painful emotions and beliefs about myself and about life continued to linger in the depths of my subconscious. Although there would be some release each time I sat in stillness, and in deep acceptance of the present moment, there was so much more I was holding onto that I was completely unaware of. So ultimately, I was not actually as free as I had believed myself to be. I had become effective at managing the negative influences of my past, but I was definitely not free of them.


This realisation only came about after a visitor to our home left behind a book called “Causism” by John Mace. My husband Claudio suggested that I might find it an interesting read, but it still took a few weeks before I picked it up. I read the entire book a couple of times, and although I did not know it at the time, it was to be the beginning of a new chapter of my life.


When I finished the book, I explored the Causism website and booked a session, curious to experience the MEM process developed by John Mace, and in the liberating aftermath of my session, I committed to an intense six-month training course to become an MEM facilitator.


It has been a wondrous journey of truly lightening up and I look forward to helping anybody who is ready to embrace their liberation.


If you feel that it is your time to release the things that have burdened you and stopped you from creating and living the life you truly wish to live, then I invite you to book in for a MEM session, it is a simple but powerfully effective therapy.


I would love to assist you and it would be a privilege to be your guide.


Websites to explore:

Mace Energy Method



MEM Session Info


Your first MEM consultation will take approximately 2.5 hours.

Your follow-up session one week later can take up to an hour.

The total fee for both sessions is $250


Future sessions will incur the following fees:

$100 per hour or $50 per half hour.


It is recommended to allow some quiet, relaxing time after a session to facilitate integration.


Sessions are also available via Phone, WhatsApp video or Zoom



Please call Sa on

0422 746 269

or email her at

[email protected]

to book your session



Learn about the revolutionary new pathway to emotional strength and stability.


John Mace is the founder of the Mace Energy Method and author of the book “Causism”.




I was referred to Sa ​by a close friend ​who experienced life changing results from Sa’s sessions. I was absolutely blown away from my short time spent with Sa and experiencing first hand the effects of MEM. I have had many life altering/damaging events in my 42 years and had created many “identities” or beliefs to cope with this. Sa helped me identify and extinguish these hindering ways of being in just two visits, and has now allowed me to embrace my true, unencumbered, happier, self. I will be forever grateful ​. ​You will not be disappointed if you make the time and allow yourself to experience what Sa has to offer.
Kirsty (Dunsborough)


After reading John Mace’s book, I felt it was time to have a session and looked up the MEM website to see that Sa was now a Practitioner of MEM.

I have known Sa from other energy group sessions and have found her to be a warm, caring, kind, compassionate and beautiful lady.
My sessions with Sa covered a lot of ground, with quite amazing results!
I find that in situations where I was usually tense and anxious, I am now calm and relaxed.

I can’t thank Sa enough and I would highly recommend Sa for MEM sessions!!
Helen H (Perth)


After just two sessions of MEM, I feel peace. Complete peace.. even when triggered. I see the world through a completely different lens. My thinking is clear.. I am awake.. really awake. I had years of therapy .. psychology etc and nothing has come close to what you have done for me. I feel me… I see me… I am me…. Sa, Thank You 
DD (Perth)


Using the MEM method Sa has facilitated me into discovering my true authentic self. 

I have worked through a lifetime of issues in three sessions, some I wasn’t even aware I possessed. It’s so easy and no rehashing past experiences.  Thank you Sa, I will be forever grateful to you for your love and support.
JG (Nannup)


Sa’s work with MEM smacks of pure magic. This modality in her hands worked like a miracle, allowing me to experience my true self as a whole being, one that was never damaged or broken, and was just waiting for the veil of past trauma to be lifted. An absolute blessing!
Anonymous (Nannup)