Reiki is a wonderful “hands on” healing experience, a gentle, simple, loving, safe energy that brings deep relaxation and peace.


Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy, it is a system of natural healing.  Reiki is the healing power of love which we connect to when we are initiated as Reiki Channel.


Becoming a Reiki channel involves a process of 4 attunements. These attunements align the energy centres in our body and open a pure inner channel allowing the energy to flow through our hands.


Reiki energy stimulates and awakens the body’s own natural healing processes on all levels be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.


Reiki was brought to light by Dr Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s and is also known as the Usui system of natural healing.  It is the healing power of love, God/Goddess/Universe so abundantly available to all, to which we connect with when we become Reiki Channels.


We are in charge of the quality of our lives, this is governed by our intake of this Universal Life Energy.


Within our bodies are several chakras or power centres that spin continuously drawing in the energy needed to maintain life in embodiment.


The amount of energy drawn through these centres directly affects the quality of our lives, our energy levels, our physical, mental and emotional well-being or dis-ease, our way of moving through the world and our way of expressing ourselves to the world around us.


The greater the amount of energy we channel through, the lighter we feel, the healthier our bodies, the more harmony we create around us.


We are not helpless in this, we can actively increase the amount of energy we intake.  We can learn to recognize those parts of us that are imbalanced and draw in the energy focusing on those centres that are in need, thereby healing and promoting better health on all levels.



Once you are attuned with Reiki, placing your hands on yourself or another is all that is required for the flow of energy.




Using the power of ancient symbols, a Reiki Master opens the power center at your crown through which life force is drawn from the Universe.  This is followed by the opening up of your heart and mind (third eye) centres.  Once this is done, you are immediately able to channel energy from the universe through the subtle channels in your body and out through your hands.  The Reiki Symbols are keys that open doors to dimensions that coexist with ours – past, present and future dimensions – beyond the senses we operate with now.  Reiki is sacred and powerful, and once entered into, profound changes within and without are experienced.  It is the “WAKING UP”.




Once you are attuned, each time you place your hands with healing intention either upon yourself or others, you (the channel) begin to draw healing energy through your hands. This is generally experienced as a warm and gentle glow by you as well as the recipient. You do not use your own energy. It is not drawn from you but through you. It heals and lightens you even as it is heals and lightens the recipient. You are both nourished and energized by it.


Reiki Training


Private Training

(one-on-one or 2 at the most)


Level One

2 days or 4 sessions – $400


Level Two

1 day – $300


Level Three (Reiki Master Teacher)

$1000 – Please call to discuss duration of training


All levels can be taught to fit in with your schedules.



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Reiki is a cleanser, a purifier, an energizer, a healing force.  It is light-energy that moves gently and subtly through all levels of the body, mind and emotions focusing on the area that is most in need of balancing.  As it eases physical discomfort within the body, it gently draws out the emotions that need releasing.


It also brings awareness to the situation that is causing the stress.  Unexpressed grief and anger that present as blocks will be given the opportunity to be released.


You have free will, your active participation and willingness will dissolve these blocks bringing lightness and relief.  Now the healing and self-empowering journey begins.  Reiki is a powerful tool for well-being.





There is generally a feeling of peace, lightness and rejuvenation, like waking up after a long deep satisfying sleep.


Sometimes after a treatment, emotions of sadness or anger may bubble to the surface.  These are suppressed emotions seeking release.  Do not project onto others, simply acknowledge, bless and allow the release in the safest and most nurturing way for you.


In cases of chronic or acute illness, there may be a healing crisis, which could seem like a return of the complaint.  This is caused by the release of toxins and is a good sign.  You should not discontinue the Reiki treatments.  This is a normal and healthy reaction.  In some cases the recipient may experience more pain during the first three days following treatment.   This is caused by the accelerated healing, and the pain will dissipate quite quickly.


A short attack of fever or a temporary return of an earlier illness are also possible.  These occurrences should be regarded as a natural recovery of bodily health, and not as a return of the illness.  These reactions only last a short time.  Sometimes the symptoms may be similar to the detox that follows a long period of fasting when the body releases toxins out of the system.


Unresolved experiences and problems can also be brought back to consciousness where they can be resolved and then laid aside as “finished”.  In this manner, tensions (which are often rooted in the past and cause blockages in the present) can be neutralized with the help of Reiki.


It should be noted that the above are just some examples of what may or may not occur.  Reiki helps to bring us back into a state of unity with the harmony of the Universe.  This harmony is able to reach into every cell of our being, enabling us to be whole and healthy again, encouraging our natural ability to heal ourselves. Reiki leads us back to a state of wholeness.





On anything, not just the body but anything and everything.  Here are a few examples:


  • Positively energize your drinking water
  • Plants and animals
  • Crystals
  • The food you eat
  • Any creative expression (drawing, painting, writing, craft or sculpture)
  • Assignments; Studies; Forms and any paperwork
  • Medication (the energy will decrease negative side effects and quicken the healing process)
  • You can send distant healing to situations to improve them (Reiki II)