Shamanic Healing with Claudio

The need for healing has always been present and perhaps always will be, for it is a condition of embodiment that we are wounded – even through the simple act of entering this world – let alone by what happens to us after that … and then there is also the matter of the luggage that we carry with us from countless previous lives: how we have suffered, how we have reacted and how we have died.

Many of these events from the past – if they are not cleared them – remain stored in our energy field. These imprints from the past can create within us predispositions: affinities for certain behaviours or events to repeat themselves. We may be accident prone, we may develop arthritis, breast or prostate cancer or we may find that we marry the same kind of person, over and over.

We also live in a world where the predominant consciousness is in denial about the invisible world, about anything that it can’t explain with reason and with science. Where the blessed earth that we live, work and play on is mistreated, abused and plundered to feed our incessant need for more. We are disconnected. We feel alone. We want to find peace and love and hope and just do not know where to begin.

Enter shamanism, an ancient and deeply connected spirituality that has survived since ancient times because its message is ultimately so simple and pertinent; in this incredibly complex and convoluted world that we have created, it embodies the simplicity of truth itself.

We have allowed our egos and our psychological minds to lead us astray. We have forgotten many things of fundamental importance and have come to believe the illusions of our egos’ projections onto the canvas of the world. We have fallen out of “ayni” – out of right-relationship – with Mother Earth and Father Sun, with our relatives, the animals, and with the elements. We no longer recognise that the world of Spirit (aka: energy) is the primary common denominator of all the other worlds. And the irony is, we do not even realise how close the truth is, how close at hand happiness and peace and hope and love truly are.

The shamans teach us that all we have to do is to shift our perceptions slightly for the world to change in an instant. All of our sadness and sorrow, our fear and anger simply vanish in an instant when we finally face the truth of who we are. Then, when “stuff comes up”, we no longer experience it as the end of the world – on the contrary, stuff comes up because we are simply ready to heal it, to let it go.

To be sure, sometimes what comes up – what is triggered within us- feels like a death. Yet we should not allow ourselves to wallow in the presenting “story” and fall into the victim’s spiral, for the story is just a trigger (version 16 of something that happened when you were 4 months old or version 137 of something that happened 23 lifetimes ago). To try and ‘fix’ it at the level of the presenting “story” is pointless.

It is at such times that shamanic healing can prove invaluable. This healing reaches past the psychological mind, past the physical body and even past the emotions to work directly upon the energy field. By re-establishing sacred reciprocity (ayni), our inner and outer worlds are brought back into balance and healing can take place.

Session Info


Healing sessions with Claudio last for approximately 2 hours. His fee is $200.

Please abstain from alcohol and drugs (be sure to let Claudio know if you’re on any prescription medication).

It is recommended to allow some quiet, relaxing time after a session to facilitate integration.


Phone or Zoom sessions are also offered.

The same fees apply




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Given that I never know what is going to happen until it does, this is tricky to answer. Usually, I start by spending a little time clearing surface energies that can get in the way of the healing – to do this I use a simple ‘smudging’ technique which involves the use of smoke and sound (drum, rattle, etc) to clear the energy field.

Next, I will spend a little time talking about what is happening and the reasons that have led you to seek a healing. This is not where the healing actually occurs, but talking is a valuable way of triggering reactions and highlighting any ‘imprints’ that may have been activated. So, talking is used as a doorway to access what lies underneath.

When I see that your imprint is activated I move you to the table. Here most of the talking ceases except for instructions on how to release anything that continues to arise. The healing can now move in a number of directions, depending on what’s called for and here a new question may arise.

How – you may ask – do I determine what is called for in a healing?
Shamanic healing is largely intuitive, it does not happen as a result of linear thought or knowledge or any particular technique, as such. Sure technique and processes are used, but ultimately the healing succeeds when both the ‘healer’ and ‘the-one-seeking-healing’ enter into a trance.

The trance state is induced through a combination of music and sound. It is this trance state that allows the healing to take place. I work as a shamanic healer, but this does not mean that I am the one ‘doing‘ the healing. Mostly, I manage the space that healing ‘happens‘ within. You are as much an active participant in this process as I. It is your willingness and longing for healing that opens the door. There are other more proactive forces at work in the Spirit realms, they are the Laika, an invisible lineage of shamans and healers that work outside of time. If the healing that takes place can be attributed to anyone, it is to them.

How many sessions will be needed usually depends on the following factors:

  • how much attachment you have to the perceived “benefits” of your imprint
  • your readiness to descend deeply and courageously into your own process
  • your resistance to accepting the  changes that keep you locked into the imprint
  • how easily you allow yourself to remember or forget the truth

However, for most issues a single session is enough to experience a significant shift. I usually also offer some simple but effective tools “for the road”, so that you can continue to deepen your healing in your own time.

My background


Back in the 90’s I acquired a couple of diplomas in Transpersonal Counselling & Healing, and in Art & Therapy. I kept these for a while and I may even have hung them on my wall (I honestly can’t remember, but I do remember that for a time I tried to find some sort of mainstream recognition for the work that I did).
I no longer worry about it.

The work that I do as a shamanic healer is the result of all my esoteric pursuits over the past 35 years. These include studying and practising meditation, embarking on a shamanic apprenticeship, learning and later facilitating hundreds of sweat lodges as well as several vision quest retreats.

In 2007 Sa and I were introduced to Q’ero shamanism through Alberto Villoldo’s Munay Ki teachings. This opened up a whole new world for both my wife and me, and saw us begin training with Villoldo’s Four Winds Society. As this soon became a prohibitively expensive process, we eventually searched for other teachers and found one in Deborah Lowen, a shamanic practitioner who had trained extensively with Peruvian Paqos. We travelled to the outskirts of Aukland, New Zealand, and there completed our training to become Mesa carriers.

As with all shamanic training, it is not enough to simply learn healing from a teacher, you must make the training your own. This means exploring one’s own connection to the Spirit world, and one’s own way of doing things. Not everything that one is taught may resonate or even work for you, other things – often unexpected things – sometimes do.
To this end, in my healing sessions I use some powerful techniques I picked up in unrelated pursuits: such as sound healing, voice harmonics, and even aspects of NLP and re-evaluation co-counselling.

In the end, regardless of past training, diplomas and techniques used, the most important thing that I offer is a reverence for all life steeped in an understanding of our Oneness, our commonality and our connectedness.

My mission is to assist people to realise that though pain in life is inevitable, suffering is optional. We can all learn to live lives that are rich, abundant, connected, loving and sweet.


Mitakuye Oyasin  –  Lakota: “All My Relations”