“Presence: A Handbook for Enlightened Living” by Sa Silvano is a self-help book that explores the concept of presence, which refers to the state of being fully engaged and connected with the present moment. The book offers practical guidance and exercises to help readers cultivate presence and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

The author, Sa Silvano, draws from her personal experience as a spiritual teacher, counselor, and healer to offer insights and techniques that can help readers develop a greater awareness of themselves and their surroundings. The book covers topics such as mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, and compassion, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of living a present-centered life.

Overall, “Presence: A Handbook for Enlightened Living” is a practical and accessible guide that can help readers cultivate a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives.

Below is an extract from the the book called “Life is Beautiful”.


The beauty of life is always present, and is present for all to see.

If you disagree with this, it may be that you are focusing on what you consider to be wrong in your life.

Regardless of what you focus upon, there is a vast array of beauty and you only have to look to see.

The sky is always above us, in all its expansive ever-changing magnificence.

The sun shines its life-giving warmth and light. The birds fly, sing and inspire us. We are separated from the trees and the natural world by nothing but a thought.

It is only a thought that keeps you from experiencing life.

A single thought prevents you from seeing that here, in this present moment, life continues to experience itself in everything and as everything – life is beautiful.

So come back now to that place before thought, in between thoughts. See from the quietness of your essence, see the beauty of all that is right here with you.

There is something very precious, very beautiful, about seeing without believing any thoughts that may arise about what you are seeing.

Taking a deep breath in and feeling your own aliveness in this very moment is beautiful.

Breathing deeply of the perfume of a rose, or enjoying the taste of a favoured fruit is beautiful.

For some, walking barefoot in the forest, bathing in the ocean or lying under the stars is beautiful.

Beauty is anything that inspires, softens or delights you.

Each moment is calling for your Presence, inviting you to partake and immerse yourself in the beautiful offering that is life.


“Pearls from the Heart: The Art of Living Consciously” by Sa Silvano offers insights and practical guidance for readers seeking to live a more conscious and mindful life. The book is structured as a series of short chapters or “pearls” that contain wisdom, inspiration, and actionable advice for cultivating self-awareness and personal growth. The book provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of living a conscious life.

One of the main themes of the book is the importance of living in alignment with one’s values and purpose. Sa Silvano encourages readers to examine their beliefs and behaviours, and to make conscious choices that support their personal growth and well-being.

Overall, “Pearls from the Heart: The Art of Living Consciously” is a practical and insightful guide that can help readers deepen their understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world.



“I can feel Sa’s heart in every page. This book emphasizes how wonderful every bit of our life truly is, no matter how painful, messy or weird it can sometimes get. How we can turn a crisis or grief into an awakening and growth.

 I see this book being used to set a positive frame of mind for the day and as beautiful reminders of inspiration to be in alignment with our own essence.”

Enza Vita – Publisher/editor “InnerSelf Newspaper”,
author of “Always Already Free”


“The underlying feeling of Sa’s words is like a fragrance permeating the entire work. The power of this book is that delightful fragrance, that is Sa’s essence, her spiritual connection. There is so much depth of wisdom in this work, yet delivered in such a simple and delightful way.”

Azriel Re’Shel – Writer, co-author, journalist & producer

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$10.00 AUD

What people are saying about “Presence”


The beauty of Sa Silvano”s new book “Presence” is that it’s an experiential read, which means that as you read through the Chapter themes, an opportunity presents to enter into the spaciousness of presence that Sa writes about. As you read further, you begin to feel into and deepen the experience of the art of presence.

It’s a book that offers the reader a doorway through which one can understand the presence that exists within all of us, as well as practical strategies to enter more fully into the experience. For example, when you read the words, ” Be present. Soften into the moment”, you find your body softening and an increasing awareness of your own state of presence.

The gift from this special book is the lingering experience of being present long after the book is finished. Sa”s book is an important contribution for all those seeking a freedom from the mind to discover more fully the beauty of what is within us and others.

Lynn Webber


“Sa’s new book “Presence” illuminates a pathway for us and guides us to live fully in this moment.

Sa exposes the stories and illusions we have created, and peels back the layers, step by step to reveal presence. Her voice is strong as she speaks the truth and yet, she gently pulls the reader back time and time again to show us what we keep avoiding; that this moment in all its fullness and perfection, is all there is.”

Karen Lang – Author of “Courage”


I am really loving your book Sa, I’ve been reading it slowly so I can sit with each entry and let it sink into my being.
It is beautifully written and every sentence is an invitation to go deeper into Presence. So thank you for your words of wisdom and insight.

Kathryn Bullen


“I had only ever edited fiction before and, from an editor’s perspective, didn’t really understand what Sa meant by “Presence”. Of course I knew what the word meant, but realised there was obviously more to it than just a word.

At the time I was editing Sa’s book I was going through a tough few weeks personally. Then I realised that I was actually drawing on what I had read to help me not only cope, but sail through that time and come out feeling refreshed.

Soon after I finished editing, I had the opportunity to share what I had learned from Sa’s book with a dear friend. As I spoke with her I actually got goose bumps as the words from the book flowed from me and my friend’s face lit up. She understood.

I now understand what “Presence” means.”

Jan Bayly – Editor