Shaman’s Mist

Shaman’s Mist is a shamanic spray to clear hucha (dense energy).
Shaman’s Mist is a clearing spray that Sa and Claudio have developed to replace the Agua de Florida (aka: Florida Water or Water of Flowers).


It is a wonderful blend of Rose Water, distilled water, pure alcohol, and imbued with ten varieties of pure essential oils.


Why we’ve done this…


For many years Sa and Claudio have been using “Agua de Florida” to clear energy in the tradition of the Shamans of the Andes and the Amazon.

The shamanic technique of doing this is to take a small amount of Agua, and to hold it just behind the lower lip before spritzing it out into in a cloud of mist.

The problem with Florida Water is that it is a very unpleasant concoction to put in your mouth. It is acrid and burns the lips and the tongue.


WARNING: Although this is the traditional method used by South American shamans, we do not recommend this method ourselves.

The product is just as effective when sprayed directly from the bottle.

shamans mist

How to use Shaman’s Mist


Shaman’s Mist can be sprayed in a room to clear it of dense energy or it can be sprayed around a person to clear their energy field.

Another way is to spray some Shaman’s Mist onto your hands, clap them together 3 times to activate the ingredients, and then sweep your hands (respectfully!) down the body of the recipient starting from the crown and ending at the feet.

Do this front and back.


Shaman’s Mist is made in the energy of the Full Moon and blessed with Mantras.



Rose Water, perfumers ethanol (pure alcohol), & distilled water.
Plus the following essential oils: Lavender, Pine, Frankincense, Jasmine, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Orange, Lemon, Clove & Bergamot.




Cost per 200ml spray bottle: $25