Spaciousness & Time

I am hearing a lot lately about the lack of time. Mothers getting their children to school on time and keeping up with the various other activities they are involved in, high school and college students pressured to complete assignments and be prepared for exams, workers attempting to fulfil deadlines. It seems to me that people are racing around trying hard to keep up with their own and the world’s expectations. It is no wonder that many of us suffer respiratory and digestive issues.

There is a belief that if one slowed down, then nothing would get done. So the mind races on to the next thing, even as the body is struggling to complete the task at hand efficiently. Mind seems always to be at least one step ahead of the body’s heroic attempts to achieve its directives.

It seems to me that the closer we get to the end of a year, the more frenetic the pace becomes. The simple yet profound joy of being alive and embracing the wonders on display around us is missed. We have forgotten how to stop and smell the roses and in so doing, we are missing our own lives.

The chaos and relentless activity we perceive and get caught up in is but a projection of the intense busyness of our mind. We attempt to create some time and space in our external world so we can catch up with ourselves and perhaps even relax a little… but we are working it in the wrong place.

So what can we do about this? How and where do we create some space in our lives? How do we slow down in a world so full of expectations?

To release the constraints of our hectic lives we must come to the one place where we can experience true spaciousness, and that is in our inner world.

We need to create more space within ourselves.
Where there is more space, there is more time.
In spaciousness everything is expanded, even time.

You are already here reading these words, so take a few more moments now and come into your spaciousness.
Take a deep breath and as you release it, set aside all of your should haves, could haves and must dos.
Just be here, with these words.
Be here with your breath.
Be here with everything that is also here, with you. All the sounds and sensations, all the feelings and thoughts. Allow everything.
Just for a few moments let it all be as it is without wishing any of it to be otherwise.
Allow everything.

Notice that there is room in this moment for everything and there is space for more.
There is space between everything: the sounds, the feelings, the sensations, the thoughts.
You are here and it is all also here and there is nothing wrong with any of it – if you do not deem it wrong. It all simply is – as it is.

Do you feel the relief of this?
Do you feel the restfulness in this?
Do you feel the quietness and the space in this?

All the mad activity of the mind has subsided and in the softness of this moment, in the spaciousness of now, that which needs to be addressed next rises to the surface and things slot into their places so much more easily.

If you were to rise up from you seat now and do something, you will find that you move with it smoothly and the outcome of whatever you are doing is assured.

Because you are present and peaceful and in tune with your action.

You may also be aware that all that you need to do can be done with far less effort, chaos and agitation.

There is peace in you, for you have created the space and there is now time for everything, even the enjoyment of each activity.

In each moment we have a choice, whatever we undertake to do can be met with anxiety and stress or with presence and spaciousness.

Enjoy creating a life where there is space and time for everything you wish to experience.

                                                                                                                                                                      Posted 16th September 2017 by Sa Silvano

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