Shaman’s World – Training Outline

It is common knowledge that we live in a fast world. Everything is accelerating and changing at an exponential rate. And this is true not only in the domain of technology: communication and information, it even permeates spirituality and the domain of the intangible.


What once used to take a minimum of twenty years to master is expected to be learned, assimilated and integrated much faster than before.


The Q’ero shamans of Peru – known as Paqos – say that the state of the earth and the crisis that we face are such that there is no time for long and laborious apprenticeships. They also have predicted that the problems of the world will have to be addressed by Western shamans, for the West is largely responsible for most of the crisis before us.


That brings you into the picture. You who are reading these words. You who are seeking in the fringes of your culture for answers that are patently not available amongst the status quo. You who are perhaps wanting to find some sanity in this unbalanced world that we have created. You who are looking for your true self.


If you decide to embark on this training you will explore the world of spirit (aka: energy), the invisible world that surrounds you and that informs everything. You will be guided by techniques, processes and wisdom that are as old as humanity and as relevant today as they were in the ancient past.


I hope you will find what you’re looking for in the training that I offer. I hope that you will find fulfilment and joy. But above all else I hope that the earth will find a true and courageous servant in you.


Please note that these notes are intended as a rough guide of what will be covered in each workshop and are not set in stone. While some essential elements will definitely be covered, the energies of the present moment will dictate flow and direction each time we meet. Having said this, all of the content mentioned under these headings will be covered at some stage during the training.


1.0 Foundations


In this first workshop in the Shaman’s World series, you will be introduced to the fundamental elements of shamanism. While many of the processes offered in the training are sourced from trans-cultural shamanism, the core of it is steeped in the Andean tradition of the Paqos.


Here you will discover what tools you will need for your journey- what is essential and what is not. You will have your first experiences in the nature – the shaman’s church – in ways that few people in our culture ever have.
You will be introduced to the Mesa, the medicine bundle that you will be gradually shaping during the course of your training.

And you will experience your first Shamanic Journey in this tradition and source the first of the thirteen Khuyas (stones of power) that will eventually make up your complete Mesa.
Finally we will look at the issue of power, what true power is and why it is sought by the shaman.


1.1 Power of the Feminine


Here you will empower your first Khuya.
The Mother is the first energy we experience in this world. Many initiatory processes around the world are geared around separation from the physical (and fallible) mother and re-identification with the Divine Mother, with the Goddess, with Pachamama.
This will be the first healing journey where you will travel to release the old energetic imprints (conditioning) associated with the feminine and forge a new relationship with the creative and nurturing Mother of All.


1.2 Power of the Masculine


The Father is the second energy we experience in this world. Similarly to the above, shamanic initiatory processes are often geared around separation from the physical (and fallible) father and re-identification with the Divine Father, with the God, with Tayta Inti.
Here too you will journey to release the old energetic imprints (conditioning) associated with the masculine and forge a new relationship with the creative and protective Father of All.


1.3 Power of the Tribe


In the west we no longer live in tribal societies, and yet within our psyche (our energy field) we still carry many tribal energies and imprints. These energies still connect us to the ancestors of this body that we are sharing a temporary partnership with. Some of these energies are energies of repression or bondage that may be keeping you stuck in cyclic patterns of restriction or dysfunction.
In this workshop you will seek these energies out and look at ways of releasing the past so that you may move freely forward once more. Here you will empower our Tribal Khuya and will experience a process of recapitulation. You will also co-create and journey the beautiful earth altar known as the Medicine Wheel.


1.4 Power of Alchemy


As part of journeying with the fourth Khuya you will explore your power to transform, to use alchemical processes to change things from one state into another. Naturally the best thing to practice on is yourself. You will recognise how this power has already manifested many times in your life and how, when used consciously, alchemy is a great transforming tool that you can use to shape the life that you want to live.
In this workshop we will also explore the ritual of the Fire Ceremony to cleanse, release and transform.