The Light I Am

Fingers of light
tease at my eyes
willing them to open
wanting them to see

I resist
loving the black velvet screen
that is my protection
from the potential disasters
I have seen myself create
in the not too distant past

I deny the light
for my darkness I know
a familiar enemy
so near, so close
in a way my friend
I think to myself
my only true friend

I turn from the light
enamoured by stories
that crowd for recognition
to be told and be heard

And through all that agitation
in that perfect chaos
I claim my seat
in my personal hell

The light tickles
the light beckons
calling to me
in the whispering breeze
in a swish of a wing
in the shiny blue sky
in the cascade of water
in the serenade of birdsong
in the gold of a sunset
in the voice of my beloved
in all that is unexpected
in each mornings presence

But I see it not

With my face to the dark
I see it not
with my ears to the noise
I hear it not
with my feet in the past
I feel it not

Then some hard shock
in a broken relationship
in friendship betrayed
in a pain wracked body
in a hole in my heart
in a war in my blood
in a loss of security
in the death of a loved one

Cracks open my heart
so the light to flood in
and in that allowing
the gap stretches wide
until the chasm of pain
becomes the gateway
to the heaven
that was always inside
here within me

Here it is
not a breath away
from where I am
but right here
in the same place
I stand

Here, right here
the light reveals
to me
the light I Am

Posted by Sa Silvano – 2nd February 2018

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  • Sandy Pulsford
    Posted at 08:01h, 04 February

    Thanks Sa,

    A powerful statement, and a beautiful reminder.