the weave of life

The greatest challenge to an active mind is silence.

Thoughts have a tendency to fill every moment possible, but no matter, for there is always space available when I fall into the deep silence ever present at the centre of who I am.

It is from this spacious realm within, that I am truly able to perceive, appreciate and embrace more fully the magnificence and beauty of the outer world.

It is from this space within that I can see the infinite vastness of sky above me, and to feel the breath of the breeze teasing at my hair and whispering past my cheek.

To know that the earth mother with all her bountiful offerings will always welcome and nurture my body.

To bask in the light and warmth of the sun and bathe daily in the cleansing flowing softness of the waters of life.

It is from this space within me that I experience my interconnectedness to all creation.

These simple necessary things enable my life and all life. These gifts whose presence I take for granted, never cease to fill me with wonder and amazement each time I become present to them.

Life is the presence of that which weaves through all that is present.

Posted by Sa Silvano on 24th May 2019

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