this enchantment

this human condition, this boon, this state of wonder
this profound expression, this incomparable experience
to see the colours of the earth and the light of love in your eyes
to hear the plaintive strains of cello and voice
feeling those strings pound and pummel the heart till it softens and melts
to become what it always was
the conduit through which can be felt the inimitable sweetness of the self

this human state of flux, this dance of life in form
flirting with the formless from which it emerged
this vast universe, the ever changing sky above

this breathtaking beauty, this planet i call home

to taste the dripping sweetness of the fruit of mother earth
to sweat salt from heated skin shining with the light of a midday sun
ahh… and the heady scent of jasmine and frangipani
the soft perfume of the blossoming rose
the clean invigorating tang of fresh squeezed lemon
the green whiff of cut grass
and the unmistakeable and welcome fragrance of falling rain upon a parched land

to feel your tenderness as you stroke my cheek
your skin on mine, a sensation like no other
the transference of love through a gentle touch
the sensation of velvet and silk
of warm water flowing over my cold and tired body
sand stuck to feet wet by the blue ocean

to feel your pain in my heart and weep for your suffering
to set free your fierce anger from where I feel it in me
to pray that your dreams become real in your life
so I may laugh with joy at your delight
to hold your hand as you leave your body
and know that you may return one day
growing anew in the warm belly of a stranger

this profound journey from contraction to liberation
conscious awareness manifested in mortal realm
living out stories created from forgetfulness
and then, a slow remembering
a powerful realizing
letting go the narrative
to uncover
true self

to wake up
to this eternal nature
this spirit in form

this human condition, this enchantment
what joy the journey, what ecstasy the awakening

Posted by Sa Silvano on 18th August 2018

  • Jeanne Lorraine
    Posted at 06:18h, 19 August

    I hear you in my heart , I feel your words in my body, my mind released to soar and be free. xxx

  • Julie Fraser
    Posted at 11:01h, 19 August