This time of blessed opportunity

This is such a blessed opportunity for the world to become the paradise it always was meant to be and for humanity to live in Grace, joy and love.

For those of us who recognize the potential of this time, please keep shining the light so the temporarily blinded can and will one day see the truth of this.

If each of us holds the space of compassion and forgiveness, not just for those who are suffering but also for the perpetrators of that suffering, then a deep and necessary change will ensue. If we give in to the fear and despair, we will only be helping maintain a state of duality and separation on earth, and will not be able to collectively weave the tapestry of oneness that is possible, and which only the harmonizing of all humans on earth can bring about.

I walk amongst the trees in the sunshine and the soft breezes singing through the fragrant leaves of the old gum trees every day and experience heaven right here. I hold the entire earth in the peace and sanctuary at the centre of my heart and sing my love to every living being. I sing for peace and prosperity, for loving kindness and for an opening of the hearts of all the two legged beings on earth – especially those ones who are the leaders, the lawmakers and who have custodianship over the many.

May all awaken to the love that is our intrinsic nature and remember our interconnectedness with all life.

In as much as what we do to others we do to ourselves, and what we do to ourselves we do to others, the uplifting space of loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness, support, hope and joy we hold right where we stand, is in our interconnectedness, being held for the whole.

There are caring men and women in leadership positions around the world who are currently holding the balance and making wise decisions on behalf of the people. If the world can lend their support to those who are doing their best at such a difficult time, and lessen the judgement and hatred towards others who seem to be causing more chaos than unity, then the healing will be global and all will benefit.

Everything is energy and whatever we focus upon is strengthened by our attention. So let us give our love to those who are in a position to make the positive and effective difference that is needed, to bring about a united and healthy world for ourselves, for our children and our children’s children to enjoy.

Dearest reader, I love you. We are all not only in the same boat, we are one with each other, we are also the boat, the ocean and the storm currently being weathered.

As a collective consciousness, we are leading ourselves to a place of great potential, a new way of living that is inclusive, kindhearted, tolerant, caring for all living beings, and deeply respectful and honouring of this precious earth we all call our home.

Be at peace with all that is, so the peace in your own heart can touch those around you who need it. Stay strong and steadfast and let us together hold the dream strong for peace, wellness, love, joy and prosperity for all living beings.

Posted 2nd May 2020 by Sa Silvano

  • Madeline Day
    Posted at 07:52h, 03 May

    Thank you Beautiful Sa for those words of wisdom ??

  • Francesca Abbonizio
    Posted at 14:00h, 03 May

    We love you too Sa xo

  • Sonja Laurence
    Posted at 15:55h, 03 May

    Thank you Sa – very uplifting wisdom

  • Gayle Russell
    Posted at 23:44h, 03 May


    Posted at 14:22h, 04 May

    may we all continuee all over australia to hold love peace and gratitude in our hearts

  • Lorraine Stemp
    Posted at 16:27h, 05 May

    Wonderful words. Love and light beams to all

  • jayne
    Posted at 10:19h, 06 May

    i hear you Sa,

    Thankyou for your words to remind me of a higher perspective once again,