calling me home

Thundering heart
Leaves lean towards me
out of the hot jungle night
each an eye looking to see
if I was looking to see

Wind whispering laments into my heart
heart weaving the sound of night, the smell of earth,
and the taste of this moment of my life
into a blanket that I can wrap around my terrified mind
to keep it from the madness of not understanding
what is this space where no thought exists

and without thought
what is the mind
but a purposeless thing
a pot without a base
a house without a roof

Thundering heart
glorying in its rhythmic dance
voices of the spirits of the trees
soothe and mesmerise

Body heavy at rest
as my spirit leaves its mortal embrace
to dance amongst the stars
with the spirit of everything

Where did I begin?
In the shimmering blackness of space?
Is it here that I also end?

Nothing matters here
Here is endless
All is same
and all is one

And I am
infinitely ancient
beyond time
beyond meaning
beyond comprehension

The jungle’s refrain
beckons seductively
That verse of myself
singing me to itself

I turn from the infinite
towards the sensual finite
to embrace the call of beauty of
exquisite waves of light and warmth
of thundering drums and scented earth
as night birds and wild eyes stalk me
chanting my name
calling me back
singing me home

not away from anything
but to the everything
in different forms

(This was a piece I wrote at Claudio’s writing workshop. He put on some powerful music that took me on a journey – I wanted to share it with you)

Posted by Sa Silvano on 17th May 2019

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  • Claudio Silvano
    Posted at 09:35h, 21 May

    Love this Sa