we are consciousness

When we judge another, it is not about them, but more about our own reactions.

It is not what they are doing or saying that is a problem for us, it is what is stirred up in us as a result of their words or actions.

If we live addicted to our minds, another’s actions will bring up a mental reaction in us in the form of criticism and condemnation.

If on the other hand we are more invested in our emotions, then our reaction to the matter at hand will be in the form of emotional drama.

Those of us who place great importance on the material and upon action will react by either becoming physically violent or by taking some action that will be more about our own outrage than anything the other has done.

Whether we live attached to the machinations of the mind, the drama of our emotions or the tangible and physical, we are living out of balance and therefore at the mercy of the external world.

We begin to move into balance when we realize that we are the aliveness that is present. It is this aliveness, this consciousness that is using the mind, body and emotions to live and create effectively in the world of form.

From this perspective, we do not react but respond instead. The external world is seen as a mirror revealing any unresolved energies that we still hold onto. Once observed, these limiting energies can be freed up to allow life to restore balance and peace.

If we are indeed pure consciousness, then is it not time we lived from that and as that rather than as the conditioned, severely edited and tired old stories we put so much energy into?

Posted by Sa Silvano on 28th September 2018

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  • Judith
    Posted at 13:50h, 02 October

    Well expressed as usual!