What’s happening in our world?

I feel that what is happening is offering humanity the opportunity to fall into deeper relationships with the ones we share our lives with – our families, our friends, our neighbours.

All that is happening in the world is forcing us to come back and be more present to our own inner world and to those we live with.

It is highlighting the preciousness of life and our interconnectedness to all those we share our world with.

For so long, most of us have lived with our attention on the outer world, leaving very little space for people to look inwards and connect to the richness and beauty of the spirit that moves through us.

The time for doing is lessening as the external world with all its entertainments and distractions is becoming more unsafe and less appealing. This is creating the need and the time for staying in, for being, for togetherness, and for reconnecting to our own hearts, to love, to play, to laugh, to share, and to cherish life.

So many wondrous gifts. This is a time to discover and rejoice in who we are.

With deep gratitude for all life.

Posted by Sa Silvano 14th March 2020

  • Karen Lang
    Posted at 07:15h, 15 March

    So true Sa. It’s a beautiful opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves and others ??

  • Steve Schubert
    Posted at 10:43h, 16 March

    Heya beautifuls, thank you for your thoughts on this time, so true.

    This is the moment when the world STOPS to assess where it’s going, hopefully.

    People must unite now against all oppression from all governments and corporations, tell them to STOP. ITS time to realise we are destroying ourselves and we’re in a great rush to do it.

    Please WAKE UP and move into the HEART OF HUMANITY, to LOVE.