learn to feel and manage energy


Exploring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy is exciting and rewarding. Using energy as medicine to re-balance and to strengthen yourself creates well-being in body, mind and spirit resulting in a happier and more fulfilled life.

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  • Learn to feel where your energies are congested or depleted and restore flow.
  • Learn how to raise your energy levels and keep yourself uplifted.
  • Learn how to keep your home environment clear of heavy energies.
  • Learn how to clear and balance your chakras.
  • Learn to maintain a state of internal equanimity despite external chaos.
  • Learn how to release attachments and cords that bind you to others.
  • Learn how to use the breath,  movement and sound to rebalance your energy.
  • Learn to be more aware of and have a deeper understanding about the energy field that surrounds you, about the chakra system, and about the energy of your environment.
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When you learn to manage your own energies, you will discover that you have the power to alter the way you function in the world by changing the way you relate energetically to yourself, to others and to your environment.

Working at the level of energy, using energy as medicine is a very natural, effortless and effective way to bring about balance and strength on all levels.

There is a joy and a sense of empowerment in knowing that you have the ability to re-balance and re-energize yourself when you are depleted.

Training & Mentoring


If you would like to learn about Energy Medicine, please contact me to organize either personal training sessions or let me know if you wish to participate in – or organize – a  group workshop.

Group Workshops (form your own group – min 4 participants)

Half Day (3 hours)                         $75

Full Day                                          $125

Private Training/Mentoring

Half Day                                        $200

Full Day                                         $350




Please call Sa on

0422 746 269 

or email her at

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I’m writing to express gratitude for our time spent together last weekend. Thank you for holding me in presence and showing me how to hold myself and meet fear as it arose. Thank you for trusting the day to unfold exactly as it needed to. Thank you for bringing me back to myself each time I wandered away, not speaking from my whole being. Thank you for a delicious day of presence and re-remembering. And of course, thank you for the laughs and giggles and your genuine warmth.
Blessings and love,  Liz Smith