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The Sacred Radiance sweat lodge is temporarily out of action.

Having moved away from the hills we are still looking for a suitable location to run lodges from. I am currently negotiating with someone who owns property near the hills close to Pinjarra to run a sweat lodge training in June 2017.



Anyway, if you have a suitable site in a natural setting that offers beauty and privacy, and would be interested in hosting an occasional sweat lodge, we would love to hear from you!

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The sweat lodge process is beneficial for most people in an average state of health. You SHOULD NOT attend a sweat lodge if you have any of the following medical conditions:


• Cardiovascular disease, heart problems, hypertension.
• Kidney disorders, liver problems, Hepatitis B or C.
• Uncontrolled diabetes.
• Any communicable diseases.
• If you are taking anti-depressants or other strong medication.• if you have any medical conditions that you feel even slightly concerned about, please consult your doctor or other health care professional before participating.
• The sweat lodge is also not recommended for women in any stage of pregnancy since it can bring about a miscarriage.
• Menstruating women are welcome into the lodge as their presence will augment the power of the journey.

Sweat Lodge Facilitator Training

The Sweat Lodge Facilitator Training is a four-day condensed and intense training program that will prepare you towards becoming a competent sweat lodge facilitator.


It is essential to understand at the onset that four days of training alone will never achieve this. Months (and probably even years) of subsequent regular practice will achieve that.


The training will, however, will provide you with an essential and invaluable foundation upon which to base your growth as a facilitator. It will bring many aspects of facilitation into your consciousness, including safety issues and strategies for dealing with emergencies.

Preparing the site

What will you learn?


The training will begin with the physical construction of the sweat lodge from scratch. This will include choosing a suitable location, clearing and preparing the site, harvesting the saplings and erecting and covering the structure.
Every step of the way will be accompanied by ceremony designed to attract the highest possible energies for the construction of this sacred space.
During this stage you will also learn what materials and tools are required and where to obtain these from.
The first day will end with with a sweat lodge ceremony facilitated by myself.


The skeleton frame

How will the training be structured?


As already mentioned, the complete training will span over four long but relaxed days.


Each day will feature a healthy mix of theory and practice as well as an actual sweat lodge experience.


You will have the opportunity to try out different aspects of the facilitation during the final 3 Sweat Lodges. This will include preparation rituals, opening sacred space, navigating the four stages of the Sweat Lodge journey, water pouring and heat management, leading the chants, etc.

Bending the saplings

Follow up


At the completion of the training you will receive a comprehensive Facilitation Manual that will cover every aspect of the training for you to refer back to as you grow. You will also receive a professionally recorded Chants of the Inipi CD, to help you remember, practice and memorise the various chants that you will learn during the training.


I also make myself available through email, phone or Skype to all participant who may have questions or issues that arise after the training is complete.


This service has no use-by date.

Lighting the fire