Present moment awareness & Living from your heart

There is an infinite presence that enlivens each and every one of us. This powerful presence moves through everything animate and inanimate. It is the force of creation appearing as both form and formless. This power, this creative presence is what we are a part of, and as every part contains the whole and every whole contains the part, we are the creative power that is present. We must come to see what we are before we can manifest wholly and perfectly our potentiality. We must come to the heart of ourselves, the heart of being.

Present moment awareness is the ability to engage with what is, here and now, disengaging from the narrative of a mind obsessed only with past and future events. Living in the present moment is the art of living from the heart.

Are you comfortable in yourself?

Are you embracing life wholeheartedly?

Are you present to those around you?

Do you meet each moment with confidence and ease?

You are not who you think you are, you are not your conditioning and you are not your story.

When you are able to embrace the present moment fully, you effortlessly connect with your essential nature. As you come deeply into the present moment, you experience the beautiful expansive, timeless and infinite spaciousness of your Self. In this exquisite silent stillness at the heart of your being, you discover that your essence is peace, your nature is love, and you are all that you have been looking for.

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Sa offers private mentoring to support you through your journey to freedom. She will help you to free up the residual energies of the past so you can open up fully to the aliveness of the present moment. She demystifies mental misconceptions about awakening with clarity and simplicity.

You will be gently guided into the heart of your being, to experience who you are beyond what you thought you were, beyond your conditioned patterns and beyond your stories.

Sa offers simple but immediately effective practices that will help you to open your heart, to counter the limiting beliefs and imprinted patterns you have lived by – liberating you to joy and natural, effortless living.

Come, rediscover your power and your joy!

Sa offers private mentoring sessions, and is also available to come out and speak to your groups.  Please call her for more details on 0422 746 269

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Your warmth, wisdom and the humanity you bring to your teachings is so wonderful, we loved listening to you, and are so excited about finding this new way of looking at life. Ben & Alice

The days events have helped me be more aware, focused and a beautiful feeling of being at peace. Donna Kapua

A beautiful day of healing and freedom. Thank you Sa and Claudio. Chris Thomas

Thank you for sharing “Presence” i will never be the same, this has been a wonderful opening to my understanding of self. Such simplicity, so amazingly beautiful. Warren East

My participation in the Presence workshops has enhanced and freed my ability to view existence in the now, rather than dwelling predominantly on past negatives and living in fear of life itself. I have also gained a greater awareness of the connectedness between all aspects of life and the energy that thrives within these connections. Carrie Broun

Meditation with Sa Silvano is my soul coming home. She enhances awareness in so many amazing ways. I highly recommend experiences with Sa. It’s life changing. Dr. Patricia Kelly

Sessions with Sa have been completely life changing for me. She has given me skills to find a way into being centred even in the most tumultuous of days. I really love her wisdom and the classes she facilitates. Nicolas Spadaccini

Sa holds and maintains a powerful space for the exploration of the heart. Sa brings love, care, attention and grace to all that she does and as a result deep healing occurs. Joe Douglas

I have found Sa’s sessions to be a spiritually up lifting experience. The wisdom channelled through her brings my spirit to a point of peace and unconditional love. Linda Bisschops

All of Sa & Claudio’s events are, in essence, celebrations of Presence. Many search for answers only in books, in brews & other bypasses, but Sa & Claudio are fabulous human Beings who have dared to be here wholly. They are such a joy. Charlene Joy

I’ve grown deeply in my awareness of the importance of being truly present and have learned to calm the inner turmoil and not listen to the dominating thoughts from my past. Utmost gratitude to Sa and Claudio for showcasing how openness and hospitality are lived out. Wez Van den Hoogen

I loved my experience with Sa and Claudio in the workshop connecting to Presence, it was just what I needed to access my inner peace and become more present in my life. Sa teaches with a truthful, pure and powerful expression which spoke directly to my heart. She has a very beautiful, compassionate and loving Presence that emanates from her. Claudio holds a safe, strong and supportive space. I found them to be a dynamic and balanced blend of the divine feminine and divine masculine. Jenny Glover

Sa and Claudio create a welcoming circle in which all of those present can peacefully relax into being Present. Anna Mycko

To be with Sa for a day was like bathing in golden light, leaving me feeling warm, calm, centered, present and full of love. Sa is an absolute treasure! Melinda Hately

A new conscious awareness now permeates my being. I am more aware of my thoughts, more awake to my mind and ego. I feel a deep peace that seems unruffled by events or people. There is now less doing and much more being. And yet this feels so full of life, it is enough and there is no hunger or yearning or need to refill. I am content. Lynn Webber

training & mentoring

Please contact me to organize either personal mentoring sessions or let me know if you wish to organize a group workshop.

Group Workshops (form your own group – min 4 participants)
Half Day (3 hours) $75

Full Day $125

Private Training/Mentoring
Half Day $200

Full Day $350

Please call Sa on

0422 746 269

or email her at

[email protected]