The Vision Quest is an extraordinary process. For those who really want to experience the true scope of a hero/heroine’s journey, the Vision Quest opens doorways to presence that few other processes can offer.


Traditionally used in various tribal cultures as a rite of passage, or as a means to receive a vision for one’s life here on earth, the Vision Quest should not be approached lightly.


Having both experienced and facilitated many Vision Quests in the last 20 years I have come to recognize its true gift for the modern seeker: an opportunity to experience presence.


Presence is something that can make all the difference to one’s life. A simple and even an obvious thing when we bother to reflect on it, and yet true presence can be both elusive to experience and difficult to sustain. Our culture is full of distractions and illusions that take our attention away from the present , away from the only real moment in our entire lives, the here and now.

Every individual must find their own way of identifying who they really are past the bombardment of messages from peers, from society and from culture. But the programming that steers us away from happiness and pushes us constantly towards suffering was set in motion a long time ago. There are seldom any real perpetrators abusing us spiritually when we become adults; no, we have assimilated the messages so thoroughly that we have taken up that role and have become our own worst enemy.


Our self-protecting personality has taken over that role, and has become the internalised culprit that keeps us bound, imprisoned and miserable. It is responsible for repeating the messages that were internalised in the past, and it is responsible for projecting its fears of annihilation into the future. And when we strive to become present in this living moment, it is this psychological mind that becomes the biggest obstacle of all.