Sacred Radiance is now based in beautiful Nannup, in the South West approximately 3 hours from Perth, Western Australia.
If you are planning to come and see us CLICK HERE for accommodation options.

Everything we offer at Sacred Radiance, whether it be energy healing, shamanic healing, life mentorship, courses, workshops or shamanic training, sweat lodge training and creative writing courses is to assist you to experience a life of fulfilment and empowerment.

We would have you realise that you do not have to suffer, that you do not have to experience either depression, anxiety or fear.

We want to show you ways in which you can free yourself from the tyranny of your past and from the terrorism of your own mind.

We would love you to come to realise that you can be free – totally free – in this moment, right here and now.  And that in order to achieve this, all you need is to Awaken to who you already Are.

These words – Awaken to who you Are – are our first gift to you, a pointer to the truth that you have kept hidden from yourself, a hint that there is much more to you than you can imagine.

As you browse through our pages you will discover a variety of offerings – each of these are tried and tested ways to help you find your way back home, back to your essence and to your heart.

If you find something that calls you, don’t ignore it. Get in touch with us – drop us a line on our contact page and subscribe below to be kept up to date with events and dates.

We look forward to hearing from you and, if you’re in this part of the world, we hope to meet you.

Sa & Claudio have been friends for a good many years now, I so value their life’s work & philosophy. I have been privileged to attend workshops with them, do 1:1 sessions with both Claudio & Sa, & to enjoy the blissful times of chanting together (as well as Claudio’s incredible Chai!)  I have no hesitation in recommending any of their workshops or endeavours. With heartfelt gratitude.  Madeline Day


These two beautiful beings are 2 of the most authentic, loving, beloved, blessed beings that I’ve ever encountered.  Linda Clementson Graham

A little about us…

Sa Silvano is a spiritual teacher and mentor, an author, an artist and a healer. She has been offering private consultations, mentoring and workshops in meditation, shamanism, mindfulness and energy-healing modalities for more than 25 years. She has recently trained in and is now qualified to offer sessions in the powerful and effective Mace Energy Method (MEM).


She has also worked for a number of years with indigenous university students at St Catherine’s College in Perth, assisting them in their personal growth and teaching them effective ways to navigate their sometimes highly stressful academic environment.


She is loved for her compassion and respected for the direct truthfulness of her approach. Her deepest joy comes from assisting people to discover their own intrinsic value and to embrace the gift of life fully.

Claudio Silvano is a a teacher of shamanic medicine ways, a shamanic healer, a facilitator of sweat lodges and vision quests as well as an author.


His brand of shamanism is eclectic and trans-cultural with strong influences from both Native American (Lakota) and Andean Q’ero medicine ways.


He is passionate about people establishing their own unique connection to the Spirit World by discovering the truth of their inner nature and living lives that are peaceful, inspired and fulfilled.

Sa has written and published two books.

“Pearls from the Heart: a Guide to Living Consciously” is a precious manual to remind the reader that the truth is simple and completely accessible, at any given moment.

“Presence – a Handbook for Enlightened Living” awakens the reader to the beauty and power of their own presence.


(both books are available HERE)

Claudio is the author of the fantasy trilogy “Destiny of Fire”.

“Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy”, “Keys of Awakening” and “Into Forbidden Lands” are available for purchase HERE.


He has also published the anthology “The Tree at World’s End”, the novella “In Between” and is currently working on a non-fiction novella, “Home of the Wind”.