limitless & eternal

We may ask why it is that there is so much pain, sadness, anger and depression in our world right now.
Perhaps it would be more pertinent to ask why is there so little love in our world right now?

If we were to enter our own heart’s domain and be willing to experience the presence of love that is our very essence, we may then perhaps be less frightened, less angry and less despairing.

The level of kindness with with we treat each other is directly related to how connected we are to our own heart.

As long as we perceive another as different and separate from us – and therefore a threat to our own peace – we will continue to ignore, resist, or even attack the other. This state of affairs has been an ongoing saga throughout the history of the world.

To stay within ourselves, and use the external world as the perfect mirror that reveals everything that we can and cannot see about ourselves, and then to reclaim all these disparate parts of ourselves – this would lead us to wholeness.

Fundamentally, we are all pure Spirit. Through the embodiment of Spirit, we are gifted the experience of being a human being, living on a magnificent planet and sharing it with an immeasurable variety of life’s wondrous expressions. Everything alive is the embodiment of the same Spirit that animates this body, loves through this heart, and offers its infinite wisdom through this mind. This includes every human and all species of flora and fauna and embraces also the Spirit of the mountains, rivers, oceans, valleys and deserts. All of it, Spirit in form. The one Spirit in every form.

For me to resist you, is to resist myself. For at our most intrinsic level, we are the same, more than that, we are ONE. Fighting with you is just a distraction from the war that is being waged within myself. If I want to experience peace, then I must come to peace within, embracing every aspect of myself with the love that I am.

If I have identified myself with some particular way of being, I will not be able to welcome and accept everything. For any role that I play defines and simultaneously limits me. From this place of limitation, it would be impossible for me to manage energies that are different, and I would be torn between one and the other, unable to come to peace, for there would be no room for both.

However, the heart is a sanctuary of inclusiveness, of union, and it is here that I must come. Here, where I am limitless and eternal. To fall into my heart and into the love that I always was. Then, in this sacred place, to experience the love that I am, effortlessly and exquisitely bring everything back to itself, returning everything to its original state: love.

Posted by Sa Silvano on 1st September 2018

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  • Jeanne Lorraine
    Posted at 06:32h, 03 September

    Thank you. Sa. Very timely reminder at a challenging time. Your wisdom endures and abounds . Love & blessings