Nanna’s wisdom

Nanna, my head is hurting.
Darling child, why is it hurting?
It got too full nanna, and it started to hurt.
Full of what, my love?
Full of too many thoughts, it always hurts when I am thinking too much.
Why are you thinking so much, child?
I don’t know. It just happens nanna, all by itself.
Where are these thoughts, my dear.
Umm… kind of in my head.
Okay, can you find them for me?
Er… no nanna. 
When I look for them I can’t find them.

Is your head still hurting?
So where did the thoughts go?
Hmm? I am looking nanna but they are nowhere, when I look they go.

Who is looking, dear heart?
What do you mean nanna?
Who is looking for those thoughts and who is it that knows when there are too many thoughts?
I am looking, nanna. It’s me.
Who is this “I” my child? Can you find that “I” or that “me”?
Ha-ha. Nanna, are you making a joke? I am here, in front of you.

Are you now? I thought that was your body in front of me. So where is this “I” you are talking about?
Ahh… er… I don’t know where to look, shall I look where I was looking for my thoughts?
Yes. Look there and see, can you find “I”?
No nanna. Does that mean “I” am not I?
Is there something that is looking?
Yes nanna, but not “I”, cause I can’t find “I”.
So what is looking?
Not what nanna.
Okay, then who is looking?
Not who nanna.
Just looking is looking.

Ahh… my sweet girl, so looking is looking! Mmm… okay, then can the looking that is looking… can that looking be seen?
No, that looking just is, nanna. This is so weird and funny.

So, if you are not “I”, my darling, what are you?
I just am, er…. maybe I am the looking, oh that means I am just is. Can you see is, Nanna?
Yes, my darling.
So, are you is too?
If I am is and you are is …. then we are the same, nanna. But then how come we look different, you are so old, nanna.
Yes, my child, I am Is in an old body, and you are Is in a young body. The same Is, is both of us and everyone else too.
Everyone else too? In the whole world?
All the animals and birds too and the fishes too?

How can that be nanna?
Is, is everyone. Is, is everything. Is, is everywhere. That is the nature of Is.
But Nanna, we all can’t be called is ,‘cause it would be very confusing.
That is right my darling, and everyone cannot look the same or the whole world would be very boring and ordinary. So, Is decided to be everyone and everything, but also to look completely different in every instance and in every way by using different shapes, sizes, colours and in many other ways, including names.
Okay. Can I go play now, Nanna.
Yes, my darling child, go play, everyday of your life. Is, is all about play.

                                         Posted by Sa Silvano 10th February 2018

  • Shelley Spicer
    Posted at 09:57h, 11 February

    Thank you Sa.
    A beautiful blog.
    Love & Blessings to you dear IS ??

  • Kay Gifford
    Posted at 20:25h, 11 February

    wonderful SA and so are you beautiful soul