what is doing, not who is doing

What we do is not nearly as important as what it is that is doing? 
Doing is the presence of a human being in action.
A human being’s presence, in any given moment is the totality of the energy that is present – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

So what is it that is doing?
Is it the presence of love, kindness, generosity, peace, joy and willingness or is it the presence of fear, irritation, meanness, anger, sadness or reluctance that is doing.

Whatever it is we do, it is the energy that is present that is doing. 

It would serve both us and our world to be the presence of love, compassion and kindness so all that we do in every moment, is done by love itself and all of love’s beautiful facets.

So how do we transform into the finest and best offering?

The first thing is to be aware of what is present.
What is your mental and emotional state? Is there anxiety or distress in any form? Observe what is present.
Have no opinion about it, simply observe the energies present.
Your observation may show you that your body is tense, that you’re experiencing some anxiety and that you’re worried if you will do a good enough job.

Now I invite you to bring attention to that which is seeing.
What is this that is seeing the mind, the emotions, the body and everything else in the surrounding environment?

Do not think about this, simply experience that which is present, that which is effortlessly observing the body mind condition.
If a thought or a sensation arises, observe but do not attach to it. Let it be and experience the observer.

As the observer of everything – including the breath – is the observer itself anxious or disturbed in any way?
If all thoughts are set aside, is there any distress in the observer of the disturbance?
Or is the observer simply the quiet silent peaceful aware presence.

This presence is who and what you are.
All else that is perceived as “other than you” or “outside of you” is a fleeting and ever changing illusion, regardless of how real it seems.

This presence (that you fundamentally are) is what is real, constant, spacious and eternal.
This presence is consciousness, it is existence itself.
Consciousness is the observer of everything, and all that is observed is actually its own energy appearing either as an object, emotion, thought or action.
Let us liken this to a wave that leaps momentarily out of the ocean, and believes in that moment that it is separate from the ocean, forgetting that it is simply a temporary and infinitely tiny movement of the ocean itself.
Likewise, when we identify as the movement, consciousness contracts and forgets that it is the very spaciousness in which the movement is occurring.

So as we come to experience our true nature, as the observer or awareness of everything, we will naturally find ourselves in a place of deep peace. This state of inclusiveness, acceptance and openness expresses spontaneously as loving kindness, compassion and effortless flow.

We, consciousness, flow as life, as love, towards life, towards love.
For we are all that is. The stillness and the movement, the ocean and the wave, the sky and the clouds.

Doing becomes the dance of love offering itself as love to love.

Posted by Sa Silvano on 22nd September 2018

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