Jonatan Pie

Who are You?

Do you wonder who you are?

Are you sometimes clear and at other times confused, sometimes strong and at other times weak, sometimes confident and at other times shy, sometimes happy and at other times sad?

Are you the one who judges and criticizes or are you the one who is kind and accepting? Are you the one who embraces the world or the one who rejects it? Are you the one who loves or the one who hates?

Or perhaps you feel you are all of these things some of the time or some of these things all of the time.

What if I were to tell you that you are none of these things? For these are all behaviours you have learned. You are not your behaviours. You are that which is aware of them.

If you were to enter a room you have never been in before, what would you see? You may notice the size of the room, the scent of it, the light in it, or the objects that fill it. You may then find yourself forming opinions about the room, its contents and their placement. Once you do this, you may decide then whether you will be comfortable in that room or not.

There is something far more important than any of the objects you see in that room – what you haven’t noticed is the space in which all these things appear.

The space can be without the objects, but where would the objects be without the space? It is in the space that the objects are situated.

Similarly, you may identify as the thoughts you have or as the stories you tell about yourself based on the experiences you have had in your life. You may identify as the personality, or as the sum of all the projections and expectations of those you have lived with, but in so doing you have missed the spaciousness in which all these thoughts, stories and experiences are playing out.

Come, be present for a few moments and observe the movement of your thoughts without engaging with them. Now bring your attention to that which is observing, and you will discover the self that you are.

You are this observer, the witness to all your thoughts, you are the spaciousness that is present – and all that is observed is appearing in you.

Stay with this and experience the truly amazing, wondrous and spacious presence of yourSelf. Get to know yourSelf, your true self. You will be astonished at the power and beauty, at the infinitely creative and perfect being that you actually are.

Moreover, no matter how many times you experience yourSelf, you will always find the same constant and deeply loving presence.

There are no ups and downs to who you are, only to the story that appears in you.

So if you want to experience stability, ease, peace and joy in your life, all you need do is to cease focusing all your energy upon the objects and distractions of your external world and, instead, rest in the vast spaciousness of that which you are.

                                                                Posted 12th January 2018 by Sa Silvano


  • Sonja Laurence
    Posted at 08:04h, 14 January

    Thank You for this wonderful apt wisdom . Blessed Be
    S xx

  • Judith Clarke
    Posted at 18:16h, 15 January

    Really beautiful, just reading it helped me to immediately go there. Much love Judith

  • Judith Clarke
    Posted at 18:17h, 15 January

    So beautiful. Your words transported me there instantly. Much love xx

  • Helen Huxley
    Posted at 19:10h, 15 January

    Thank you Sa. xx

  • Ros Betts
    Posted at 07:20h, 16 January

    That which I am … Thanks Sa. 🙂